Telling Tales: The Law of the Garbage Truck

Hi Folks:  We came across this story by David J. Pollay recently, and with his permission we’re including it on our blog.  It’s a simple story, but like many simply stories, one well worth remembering.  If you have not yet heard of David, here is his bio:

David J. Pollay is the creator of The Law of the Garbage Truck™.  He is a syndicated columnist, creator and host of The Happiness Answer™ television program, and an internationally sought after speaker.  David’s book, The Law of the Garbage Truck: Take control of your life with one decision and change the world, will be published by Sterling Publishing in September, 2010.  You can find out more about The Law of the Garbage Truck™ at

David holds a Master’s degree of applied positive psychology (M.A.P.P.) from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University.  He is the founding associate executive director of the International Positive Psychology Association.  You can catch David’s newsletter here.  You can reach him at, and you can read David’s blog at

Without further ado, here’s David’s “Law of the Garbage Truck” (NB: After reading the story, click on the link and take David’s “No Garbage Trucks Pledge”!)


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