Michael Moschen: Juggling Rhythm and Motion

Hi Folks:  I’ve been a fan of Michael Moschen for a long time, and it’s definitely not just because we share the same first name.  There’s a common misconception that the words ‘kung fu’ relate specifically to the martial arts; actually, ‘fung fu’ is a term relating to anyone who has taken what they do and elevated it to an art form, achieving a mastery of their craft.  With that definition, Michael Moschen is definitely a kung fu master when it comes to juggling.  When you listen to him speak of his art, he goes far beyond the basic dynamics of moving the balls around and he speaks of positive and negative space, of movement, of rhythm, of balance…

Michael’s website has some information about Michael and his work.  There are also images and some videos of Michael under the ‘Press’ section.  Here’s an image I ‘borrowed’ from his site:

Michael Moschen in action

Michael Moschen in action

There’s a longer video (37 minutes) of Michael doing some demonstrations and explaining a little about his work during the 2002 TED Conference.  It’s well worth seeing.

And Michael, my hat’s off to you!

Your fan,

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