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Artists Bill of Rights

Finding Validation

Hi Folks:

I’d hate to hazard a guess as to how many videos there are on YouTube, but every once in a while you come across one that makes you want to e-mail every one of your friends. As that’s never likely to engender friendship or respect among your peers, […]

Marcia's Meanderings - Enthusiasm

For those looking for the link to Timmy’s Anthem… click here!

Hello Dear Ones!

Today I am short on time and long on enthusiasm. With fabulous dinner guests arriving in a mere few hours, I still wanted to take the time to write a little something for those of you who so faithfully check […]

He Says, She Says...

Greetings: Well, we’re now into our second month of having our blog site, of being ‘citizen journalists’, and this process has opened many different doors for us both. With that in mind we thought we’d tackle the idea of what this means to each of us, taking on the subject of ‘Social […]