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Rainbow Mouse Friends - Charlie

Hi Folks:

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse continues! As we get closer to the ship date, we’re counting down the days! Stay tuned to discover how you can get your very own copy!!

Confident and athletic, Timothy’s friend Charlie loves to run. She is a dynamic role model.

Rainbow Mouse Friends: Timothy Mouse

Hi Folks:

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse continues! Everyone here at Rainbow Mouse HQ is getting excited!!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Timothy Mouse … a shy little mouse who never wants to do anything new without checking with someone else first. Will Timothy be able […]

Rainbow Mouse Friends: Chomper

Hi Folks:

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse continues! Friesens Corporation is on schedule to deliver the first shipment of books by the end of the month and we’re so excited! Stay tuned to discover how you can get your very own copy!!

This is Timothy Mouse’s friend, Chomper. Chomper’s real […]

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse

Hi Folks:

Things have been quite around here for a while, but there’s been a good reason for that… 🙂

Watch for more details, coming soon!!

Hugs, M&M

GVPL Emerging Local Authors Book Launch

Hi Folks:

In an era where some people are questioning the continuing relevance of libraries as a whole, the Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL)’s answer to that question is a resounding Yes! To that end they’re expanding their connections to the community at large in several interesting ways.* Well, in […]

Photo of the Month - Cover Stories

Hi Folks:

Normally for my ‘Photo of the Month’ posts I highlight my favourite image made in the past month. However, since Marcia’s new book, “A Year in the Life of a Bus-Traveling Poet” was opened for sale on May 21, I thought I’d profile the two images I’ve made […]

A Year in the Life ... revealed ...

Hello Dear Ones!

Two years ago today, on the Sunday of Canada’s Victoria Day long weekend of 2009, I stepped onto the retreat grounds of Queenswood and an incredible journey began … leading me to write my first book:

It has been – and is still – […]

Gatherer of Clouds

Hi Folks: I’m currently reading the book ‘Gatherer of Clouds‘ bySean Russell, and I wanted to share a few pages that jumped out at me. In a way it connects to the ‘Becoming a Better Photographer‘ post that I wrote a week or two ago.

The book is set in […]

He Says, She Says...

Hi Folks:

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s (wonderful) book, ‘Eat Pray Love‘ she has a conversation with her friend Giulio about why Rome is a beautiful city, but it’s not ‘her’ city. Giulio says that each city and each person has a word to describe them, and if your word and the […]