50,000 Words!!!

Hi Folks: As mentioned in a previous post, Marcia has been busy this month typing away at a (minimum) 50,000 word novel for Nanowrimo. As of 2:08 p.m. today, she reached her goal!! She’s not finished the book yet, and I’m sure she’ll have much more to add, but I’m so proud of her I had to share…


Marcia’s Meanderings

Hello Dear Ones!  Marcia here.

Wherever it is on this beautiful globe that you call home, a warm welcome to you.  Thank you for stopping by!

This month of November is an exceptionally busy one for yours truly. As a registered contestant in the Nanowrimo competition – that’s the National Novel Writer’s Month – I’m to complete a minimum of a 50,000 word fictional novel – that’s 1667 words per day, every day during the month of November. What a challenging and joyous journey this has been and continues to be!

Currently I’m just over 42,000 words with 5 days left to complete the basic requirement. Does that mean I’ll have a book finished come November 30th? Not on your life! December is editing month. Everything I’ve completed by then, whether it is magnificent or simply awful, perfectly honed or grammatically ineffectual, or potentially there may be a section or two with horrific punctuation – however the story has unfolded by then, December’s the time I get to play with the flow, structure, formatting and tweaking of whatever I’ve recorded this month.

Even so, look for more of Marcia’s Meanderings on a regular basis come December. The skills I’ve gained from the dedication to this writing process have been invaluable for me. I’ll continue to use and fine tune those skills here on M&M’s Musings, hopefully, and intentionally, for your enjoyment.

Create a fabulous week for yourself! Mike will be posting regularly in the interim, and I’ll post more again after December 1st!



BTW: Here is a synopsis of my novel:

Title: The Power of Grace, Hope and Joy

Three women and their penultimate behind-the-scenes techie are about to venture into the world of seminar presentations on topics near and dear to their hearts – yet their hearts are testing them on the very topics they wish to teach.