Marcia’s Meanderings – A Charmed Life

Hello Dear Ones!

Upon awakening this morning, I was uncertain what to write about today. I took a quiet moment to meditate on the potential. Nothing came forward and so I put it out to the Universe to provide me guidance. Before I even got out of bed, the guidance came through. (Don’t you love it? Ask, and it is given!) How did the guidance come? As we always do, Mike and I shared our dreams. My dream is one I’ve been having a great deal lately. The story line is always different. Yet I am living in an amazing reality (a different amazing from the reality I live in my day world) that is starting to show signs of regularity. I know my way around, the people with whom I interact and the things I do. Though I’m not recalling as much as I’d like to in detail (it would make a great novel at some point!) I awake each morning with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It’s a very nice feeling.

Mike heard what I shared and hopped out of bed to locate one of our favourite books – The Oversoul Seven Trilogy by Jane Roberts. Mike shared with me a section he felt was related to my dream  -  that maybe I was experiencing a dream life in Sumaria. What he shared truly resonated with the feeling I still held from my night’s journeys. Yet, surprisingly, that is not what I’ll be sharing with you today. Maybe I will another week.

What I will be sharing is what Mike next read to me – from the same book. Mike read from Oversoul Seven’s Little Book (found at the end of the second of the three books in this trilogy) entitled The Charmed Life. And, my goodness, it was like I was hearing about my own life both here and in the dreamtime! Continue Reading →