Being Poemed

Hi Folks:

Our good friend (and amazing poet) Wendy Morton can sometimes be found at the various branches of the Greater Victoria Public Libraries, ‘poeming’ people.  Basically, she engages the individual in conversation for a few minutes and then she writes a poem about him or her.  We caught up with Wendy at the main library downtown on April 28 and had the chance to be ‘poemed’ by her.  We thought we’d share what she wrote about us, with you…


Now that I’m retired
I have more time to write,
more time to watch the golden finches
fly from the branches of the cherry trees.
And time to walk
time to be quiet.
I go to art galleries,
go to art walks.
What we love most,
is giving away Free Hugs –
we go down to the inner harbour,
give away hugs to people at random.
I’m learning slam poetry.
I’m learning everything!

Wendy Morton
April 28, 2012


We live in a world where people are
so afraid of touch.
How can we live without contact?
We went to the inner harbour.
Two guys on standup paddleboards
came up for free hugs, then
paddled off.  Once a guy got hugged,
went back and got his whole family.
We’ve hugged the whole world.
We’ll keep doing it.

Wendy Morton
April 28, 2012

Thank you, Wendy!