Hero Rats

Hi Folks:

Yes, it’s been over a month since we’ve posted anything, and for those who drop by regularly we apologize for that!  However, as the saying goes, “You won’t recognize the house when you come to visit; we’ve moved.”  We’re now able to see actual floor instead of just boxes so we’re back!  Now then…  the following isn’t new, but it is relatively new to us and we appreciate what they’re doing so we thought we’d share it.

I don’t think anyone has ever considered war a good idea.  From time to time there have been those who have found it necessary for one reason or another, but eventually there are winners and there are losers, politics and policies change, map lines are redrawn and everyone picks up their stuff and goes home.  Well, almost everything.  Among those items left behind are ‘anti-personnel devices’, a.k.a. landmines.  Continue Reading →