Writing as an Art Form

Hello Dear Ones!

So… you write? Well then… consider yourself an artist!  As a writer (yes, even when just journaling), it was only recently I considered myself an artist. It was my journaling that helped me recognize the artistic value of my various scribblings. Here’s how…

The blank page, whether screen or paper, awaits my verbal drawings upon it. This is my art work ~ the work of words, ink on white. There is a shape to what I draw, a flow to what I craft. There is colour in the meaning behind and within the curls, the dots, the crossed t. There is beauty in the swirls and loops, lines and circles that form. My inner beauty reaching out and letting itself step into the sunlight of this brand new day, this very moment. It feels so preciously alive! Full of hope. Happy. Honest. Filled with potential and purpose.

I’m sitting here smiling as I type: a spontaneous, natural smile radiating up from my toes, flowing through my heart, out my hand, onto the page and into my wee corner of the world… to where you are! Hello! It’s so wonderful to be here with you!

How long has it been since you expressed your artistic self? How does art reveal itself through you when you do open to its passions? Does it fill you with joys and smiles? Does time stop for you? Or, when there is love and passion and creativity present, does time disappear ~ hours gone in the blink of an eye?

Sure hope something I’ve shared today sparks an artistic, creative expression of some form within you!

In Light and Laughter,




Marcia’s Meanderings – Quandaries and Solutions

Hello Dear Ones!

Why is it when situations outside of our apparent control are out of control – having gone wacky and wonky in our esteemed estimation – we take them in and focus on the negativity of them as though the fuss and worry could help find the solution?

Why is it when we are so selective about so many facets of our life – our cars, clothes, home, the people with whom we interact – we are not at all selective in the thoughts we allow to run rampant in our heads?

What then is a person to do?

Why, keep our minds very, very busy – occupied on other things. Here are a few suggestions that work for me:

1.) Tell yourselves a different story. Begin with “Once upon a time…” and end with “…happily ever after.” And in the middle put all the wonderful, fun, joyous, adventurous, playful, creative, positive, inspirational ideas you can think of into what you want to see as outcomes for those what-seem-like-not-so-nice scenarios. Make them delicious and tantalizing! Lush them up! Lavish them with love!

Then let them go. Send all negativity away – even what you ‘believe’ to be happening around you.

2.) Go for a walk. Look at things as a child would see them. Watch the clouds. Find their forms. What do they look like? Dragons? Bunnies? Elephants? Stick your nose near a snow bank (if it’s still winter out your way … snow smells incredible and oh, so fresh!) Or place that smeller of yours into a flower decorating the section of sidewalk you are skipping upon in the moment. If it’s raining, jump in a puddle! Done once, do it again! The precipitation in your area is still snow? Then make a snow angel!

3.) Write. Journal. Not the negative, though. I spent years grumbling my dissatisfaction into journals when I first started the process. All it did was add fuel to the fire of my perceived discontent. Now I write about the blessings in my life! The lady who let me go ahead of her in the grocery line because I had only one item to her cart-load. The little girl with the crazy red hair and braids who had the most amazing giggle! The street woman who smiled right from her toes for me when I gave her a nod and a smile of greeting. Watching two servers give each other a hug simply because they enjoyed working together! And there’s always the gazillion blessings within my own life – my marvelous husband (he’s worth way more than half of those gazillion blessings!); my wonderful, visionary sons; my talented daughter-in-law and the precious grandsons she has gifted both us and this world; this computer expanding my ability to connect with others; the pink Converse runners adorning my feet …

What are the blessings in your life?

Whatever they are, find them. Focus on them. Savour them. Let them nourish your mind and your soul. Focus on the positive and ask your mind to find you more and more reasons to be grateful, to uncover the joyous in your life. Your mind will be glad of something to do. It needs directive. Provide it the directive that will make you feel good. Focusing on the positive will have you feeling better.  And the better you feel, the better you’ll feel!

In Light and Laughter,