You Are Beautiful

Hi Folks:

This is very short, and really only a shout out to some other folks. These crossed our path yesterday, and we just had to share them. You are beautiful, no matter who you are.

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Anything for Love

In February 2014, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an email requesting a photoshoot for all her friends as she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before … and this is what happened


The Light Within

Amy Wilton wants to give everyone a mask, so they can be their true and honest selves. Then she wants them to take the mask off and fearlessly continue to let their true selves shine. This is the light within each person that Amy tries to capture with her camera.


Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher: Painted Bodies of Africa

Photographers Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith join forces to explore the art of using skin as a canvas, a practice performed to attract the opposite sex, differentiate oneself from the enemy, and access the spirit world.

We trust you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

Happy International Happiness Day (+1)!!


P.S. Our friend Samantha has a blog post: Beauty Doesn’t Vary – Well worth reading!