Photo of the Month – December

Hi Folks:

The subtitle for this post should be ‘The Evolution of G.L.I.T.T.E.R.’ She’s our Christmas tree and has been for the past six years. You can read more about GLITTER, FREIDRICH, FREDERICA, FREDDY and FRED here if you like: Being Green – Celebrating the Holidays.

GLITTER was a little sprout of a thing when we first brought her home, but she’s certainly spread her branches since then, as you can see here (NB: we were away for Christmas in 2013 and so GLITTER didn’t get decorated). That’s the same salt crystal lamp, so you can use it to gauge her growth. With her pot on the floor she comes up to about waist height on Mike, a little higher on Marcia. No need to cut a hole in the ceiling (yet), but she is heading in FRED’s direction. Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays, Everyone! There are so many different celebrations this time of year… The first day of Muharram/ Islamic New Year has come and gone, as has Hanukkah, and we’re sitting on the edge of the winter Solstice.  Today is the first day of the next cycle of 13 Baktun – the Mayan Long Count – so how do you envision the next 26,000 years?  Christmas, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia are yet to come this month, but whether you celebrate any or all of these or something more personal, we wanted to wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with as much love, joy, peace, adventure, contentment, prosperity and excitement as you can handle! Continue Reading →