Marcia’s Meanderings – Proud Momma!

Hello Dear Ones!

No major topic seemed forthcoming for today’s post till moments before noon (PST) when my daughter-in-law called. This lovely woman doesn’t pick up the phone just to chat. So I knew something was up. Thinking at first that she was going to tell me she was now in labour (baby #2 is due any day), I was happily curious. No, the soon-to-be newest addition is still comfy with his (yes, a boy!) current living arrangements.

We had a few moments of catch up when the reason for the call came spilling out – giggles of excitement bubbling forth with the news. Her husband – my eldest son – has been nominated for Best Cinematography in the Web Series: Riese. Best Cinematographer! Only five are nominated in this category.

The Streamy Awards honour the best in Web Television. Riese the Series, originating in Canada, has been nominated for the Best Foreign Web Series. Should you care to look, you’ll find my son’s name – Christopher Charles Kempinski – listed under the Craft Awards section for Best Cinematography. You’ll notice Riese has been nominated for two additional awards as well: Best Sound Design & Best Art Direction.

Congratulations, my Chris, on this fabulous honour! Your inspired, imaginative and keen eye, smart work, dedication and commitment to excellence are being recognized by the best of the best in your field. Kudos to you!

Any chance there will be room at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles for a proud Momma?

In Light and Laughter,