Walk With You



I would like to be able to walk in the woods with you the way I walk when I’m by myself. I’ve never been able to say that to anyone, and yet so many things seem so different with you. Fresh, like a spring day.

When I take someone else to the woods, I feel as though I’m a guide, taking them to a place that is my home and yet so unfamiliar to many. The woods are my brother/sister, a piece of my soul. When I go into the woods by myself, I disappear and they become me and I become them. We flow together as one. Other people could walk through me and not know that I was there. When I go there alone I feel as if we’re dancing; we begin a dance together – a dance of life and harmony, a dance of great beauty and love. Yet, I feel when I go to the woods with someone else that if I were to begin this dance that I would disappear and they would find themselves alone in a place that was not familiar to them. So, at these times I do not dance.

What I would like with you, however, is to be able to dance together, the three of us, the woods and you and me so we might all join together in this undulation of time, of space.

This would be beauty as I see it.

Mike 16/4/95