Passion – Awareness – Life

Passion. Awareness. These are the traits one needs to survive in this world, where the half-dead wander aimlessly from day to day. Such impotence runs rampant through our world. Woe befall the man or woman who dares to rise above, who dares to Be. Little minds reach up from the depths of despair to strangle those free spirits, those who would seek the light of their existence. Much better, it is argued, to hide one’s head, to lay flat in the clipped grass of life and not wander too far. Long journeys, of the body or the mind can only bring death, destruction to any who dare to even try. This is the message we teach ourselves, our children. Each other. What of it? Can we dare to Be? Can we really venture beyond the self-imposed limits of self and travel into the unknown wonder of All That Is, All That Will Be? Can we raise our heads to the sun, free our spirits to the sky?

There have always been those who have tried, those brave enough to wear the brand of ‘different’ emblazoned on their souls, and wear it proudly. They have been the guides of our past and the guardians of our future. Though we fear the very mention of their names, cast them out from the firelight, the safe circle of our being, deep inside each of us has been that same voice, too long silenced.

Perhaps it is time now to raise our voices in unison, to sing the songs of the universe once again. Perhaps we can begin to extricate ourselves slowly from the mire of our existence and be free.

Freedom. Uttering the word brings hope to some, fear to many. Being free also means being responsible for one’s self, and for our shared responsibility to each other and the Power that gives us life. Even in captivity can a man be free in his own heart, and even in freedom can one be held captive by memories, by fears, by the demons who live on the edges of our psyche. Easier perhaps to submit to the perceived power of those ideas than to turn and face them, to turn and see them for the projections they really are – shadows on the wall.

We are each given the choice of Life, to live or to exist. To live, to really Live involves struggle, hardship and pain. It involves laughter, joy, pleasure as well as anger, frustration, peace and tempestuosity. To Live means that one must shed the mantle of protection, walk out from the covering roof of people, places and experiences that hold us down, hold us back, keep us from being who we truly ARE. Life means breathing deeply of the Essence of Creation, filling our lungs with the pure air of understanding, of patience. Life means being willing to undertake a journey of your own discovery, of becoming You in all the wonderful myriad of ways you can be. Being Alive means greeting the oncoming storm and welcoming it as a friend, knowing you have places within yourself where the wind howls and the waves roll through your conscience.

Be warned. Once one agrees to undertake this travel into the depths of the soul, there is no retreat. One cannot return to the former shadow of one’s self, for the cloak will no longer fit. The price to pay is in giving up boredom, mediocrity. One must leave behind the crutches of consciousness that have buoyed one through the tough times of the past and be willing to be swept up by the sea of Awareness that will envelop and transpose your body, mind and spirit.

Learn to speak the language of the heart, and listen with rapt attention to all that speaks its truth in your being. Separate not the chaff of experience, but throw it all together and demand its secret be given to you. Walk in the light of your own being. Revel in the new day, and delight in the experience of it.

This is the way of it. Are you ready for the journey?


Mike Pedde 01/01/01