Mike’s Writings – Introduction

December 8, 2009

Hello, dear reader:

Well, where to start?  I ask myself that question a lot it seems.  As a writer I find one of the best ways for me to connect with my own Self is to sit down and write out the thoughts that come from me.  In the past few years I’ve written nearly a thousand pages,in ten MS Word files, although those pages include my own writings interspersed with those of others, quoted therein.  The works of others of course belong to them, along with whatever copyrights they’ve attached to them.  The people I quote most are listed below, along with links to their respective sites where you can find out more about them.  Others I quote I’ll acknowledge of course, and link to wherever I can.






Samantha Standish


The Secret


* in my writings I usually refer to sections from the consciouscreation.com site as the ‘CC writings’.  By the way, the Conscious Creation writings are also available in a real, physical book format, for those who like to hold them in their hands and read paper instead of pixels!  Check their website for details.

Now, I’ve been writing my thoughts out for years, but these thoughts are very private to me.  To date I’ve shared bits and pieces of them with about six other people; Marcia gets to read most of them.  In each case though, I’ve asked the people involved not to share the writings as I’ve preferred to be the one who decided who got to read them.  It’s funny, but while I’d have little trouble walking down the street naked, sharing the contents of my mind and my beliefs is not as easy for me.  Still, I’ve been feeling more and more like this is something I ‘should’ do, and as much as I try not to ‘should’ on myself, I thought I’d give it a try.  I asked my friend Samantha about it as she’s been sharing her ideas for years, and she encouraged me to do so.   That same day I got further ‘encouragement’ from two other sources.  The first showed up in my Inbox:

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” – Virginia Woolf

and a quote from Seth (lest I take myself too seriously):

“True spirituality is a thing of joy and of the earth, and has nothing to do with fake adult dignity. It has nothing to do with long words and sorrowful faces. It has to do with the dance of consciousness that is within you, and with the sense of spiritual adventure that is within your hearts.

“That is the meaning of spirituality; and as I have told you before, if I could I would do a merry dance about the room to show you that your vitality is not dependent upon a physical image. It is not dependent upon your youth, it is not dependent upon your body. It rings and sings throughout the universe, and through your entire personality. It is a sense of joy that makes all creativity probable.

“So do not think you are being spiritual when you are being long-faced, and do not think you are being spiritual when you berate yourself for your sins. The seasons within your system come and go. The sun falls upon your face whether you think you are a sinner or a saint. The vitality of the universe is creativity and joy and love, and {that} is spirituality.” ~ ESP Class Session, June 23, 1970.

I need to make it plain however, that these writings are for me, for my own understandings.  If something clicks for you in reading them, that’s great, but I write for an audience of one.  If I start thinking about how someone else is going to interpret  or react to what I write, then I have to start thinking about what I’m writing, and the writing changes.  In that case, no one benefits.


“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves” ~ Galileo Galilei

P.S.  I considered writing out a list of the twists and turns and the Ways I’ve learned/ the responsibilities I’ve been given that have brought me here, but to do so would take a very long time and sound an awful lot like bragging, so I’m not going to go there.  However, this will give you some idea…