Excuse me, what are you doing? I should think that was obvious; I’m collecting grape vine.  Why? I use it to make wreaths, dreamcatchers, that kind of stuff.  Live vine is easier to work with, but I prefer to use something that’s already left its spirit, you know? No, I don’t.  Listen this is a public park.  You can’t go collecting things here. Look, this vine was cut off at the base, probably by one of your staff.  However, they left it hanging in the trees.  You could say I’m doing the trees a favour.  I’m sure the trees are very appreciative, but you’re still not allowed to remove things from here. You know, I remove something from this place every time I come here.  Sometimes it’s plants for medicine or seeds to replant next year, sometimes it’s the smell of the spring flowers, sometimes it’s grape vine.  Mostly, though, it’s garbage.  Never fail to come here and pick up as much garbage as I can carry.  See that pile of glass over there?  Am I allowed to remove that?  Well, we can’t be held responsible, if you hurt yourself. I’m not asking you to be responsible for anything I do.  Come back in ten minutes, and you won’t even be able to tell I was here.  I understand the park’s policy, and it’s a good one.  Designed to keep people from ‘trashing’ the place, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work.  This earth and I have a very good relationship.  She provides me with all that I need, and I try very hard to repay her kindness when I can.  This grape vine will help provide some income, and I’ve pulled it down so it won’t be strangling the trees next summer.  I’m going home now.  It’s been good talking with you.  Good-bye.


Mike Pedde 08/09/97