For Donna

For Donna:

This story begins as all good stories do, with . . .

Once upon a time there was a man who walked alone through life. Smiling on the outside, and cared for by friends; but still he was alone in his heart. It was summertime, and although the sun was shining and the world was in full bloom, he could not fully appreciate the fragrant scent of the flowers or the beauty in those things around him. He searched for what he felt he could not find and did not deserve ‑ a woman to share his life with.

One day in late summer as he trundled along, a warm wind came to dance around him. Embracing him with its flow and playfully tugging at his hair, the wind beckoned him to dance with her. It was a loving invitation, but having been refused before, the man kicked back at his desire to love and tried to push the wind away.

With quiet gentleness she yielded to his force, but pursued her task with each withdrawal of his hand. It was obvious what he wanted, searched for, and she would not allow him to deprive himself of it.

After a time he tired in his struggle, and she swooped to help him from his fall. He could not fight himself any longer, and he began to flow with her, to join in the love that she offered. Together they danced with the moon and gazed at the stars, talked with the trees and animals, and their love grew.

Obeying her request to close his eyes, he felt the breeze leave him ‑ the last whispers leaving traces across his cheek. He was filled with despair and blinked his eyes open quickly to find . . .  a beautiful blonde woman standing in her place. He knew then that this was a magical thing, for her eyes had the same softness, her voice the same whisper, and her hands the same soft caress. Joining her, their arms enfolded each other and they began to dance . . .  the dance that would last an eternity.


Mike Pedde 21/01/90