Life is but a journey of the soul, a collection of experiences and memories that we gather into our being.  It is the very act of the journey that completes us, makes us whole.  From wholeness we descend from Creation into ourselves, and the purpose of our life’s walk is to return to that state.  This is the way, the pathway to knowledge and perfection.  Within each of us lies the tiny seed of spirit, lying in wait to be born into Self.  The choice is ours, to water the seed, to give it light, warmth, gentle rains and nourish its development, or to turn from it and let it lie in darkness.  The most remarkable facet of this small seed of Being is that it has the ability to wait in perfect form until the moment we turn to address it.  Ignoring its presence does not make it wither and die.  It only waits, waits for us to open to the center of who we Are.

For some the waiting is not long.  These are the gentle souls of the world, the ones who have not been tarnished by the cold winds of adversity.  Although they have known the taste of hardship, they refuse to be worn by it, refuse to surrender hope and place fear in it’s stead.  We have all known such people, and our lives are made richer by such contact.  What we fail to see, too often, is that there is nothing that we need to have, to find or to gather to take our place in that group of enlightened beings.  The journey is not without, but within.  All we must ‘do’ is learn to ‘be’, to be that which we are, a strand in the fabric of All That Is.  In coming to know the purpose of our existence can we find the peace of Self we seek in so many places, in so many ways.

In coming to know the truth of our existence, we can begin to walk the road of healing; ourselves first, and others as is required.  We have a duty to each other, to help and to heal, to complete and make whole.  All of us here at this time make the journey together.  As cells in a body, we contain the essence of what has made us, brought us to this place.  The choice we have is to stand together, strong and united, a people as One, or to scatter ourselves to the wind, banishing our trust for each other and relinquishing our love.

The time of the earth’s existence is upon us.  We hold the ability in our hands, with our technologies, to end all life on this planet, including our own.  It is we who must decide this fate, whether to continue on the road we have been traveling into our own eventual destruction, or to begin to make amends with the very process that gives us life.  We can not truly understand all the intricacies, connections and interrelationships of all the forces that mold and shape our ‘home’, this earth, and with imperfect knowledge we can make only imperfect decisions.  Better to come to admit to ourselves, a little at a time, that we do not have all the answers, that there are things we don’t understand, and to ask for help.  In the Book of Job it is written to ask of the beasts, the birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, and they will provide direction for us, instruct us in coming to know that which renders us incomplete and separate from everyone and everything around us.  The divisions exist only in our doing, but we create them to be ‘real’.

Love is the answer to all questions, for when one exists in a state of love, true love, all things are made self-evident.  This is our highest truth, that which we need most to achieve.  In love there is no room for hatred, racism, or prejudice.  A heart filled with love finds a way for patience, a time for understanding, a love for Life in all its many forms.

To be a seeker of truth is to begin this life-walk of the soul’s purpose.  To set aside the shaded views of that which would serve only its own ends, and to look beyond to the virtue of the pure light of Creation.  To come to know Self, to be honest with one’s own self and drop the veils of mistrust and misunderstanding.  There are not many willing to undertake such a quest, for one must agree to set aside all that is ‘known’ for the sake of all that is ‘true’.  Universal knowledge has many forms, but only one understanding.  In coming to know the truth for one’s self can one begin to see with a clearer eye a better view of the world, the paradise this planet was meant to be.  We have created a cesspool of the byproducts of our own waste, and then agreed that what we have wrought is the truth of what is.  We need to peel away this illusion, to see with our own eyes what can truly be.  We have been given a tremendous gift in our role of caregivers for that which gives us life.  With that gift has come also a tremendous responsibility, and we can ignore our obligations no longer.  The time comes soon when the choices will be lifted from our hands and we will be forced to pay for the planting of our own loss with a just harvest.

The time is not yet come.  The choice is still ours to make.  Choose wisely, but begin today…


Mike Pedde 05/03/2001