She Says – Unraveling the Truth

Hello Dear Ones!

‘The truth not only sets you free, it slays all dragons, banishes all fears, connects all dots, and casts a brand new spell over those who’ve yet to see you as I do. And you already had the world spinning in the palm of your hand … Dwell in truth and you will literally start to glow.”

~ The Universe

Truth. Whose truth? Yours? Mine? That of our parents? Our friends? Our teachers? Our bosses? Our church? Or a blend of all of these, as we’ve likely been so powerfully socialized by the combination of them all?

I spent the better part of 40 years of my life following the rules set by other people. I am finally finding ways to UN-learn what they taught me so that I can return to following my heart in all aspects of my life!

Here are a few quotes that are intended to show you the general path that my own journey took to help me UN-learn and UN-ravel what I had so gullibly consumed as truth:

“In many areas of your lives, you go to learn discipline. You are taught by another and by a teacher and by a great authority. You are taught to become disciplined … now I will tell you the terrible truth … when you are used to discipline, you may, for a while, feel un-done, or without a foundation. And then, when you let your disciplines go, you feel the great foundation of your own being, and its greater freedom.

~ Conversations With Seth, Volume II

“… those who would deceive themselves with pretty, packaged, ribboned truths – truths that are parceled out and cut apart so that you can digest them … that sort of material does serve a need, and there are many who give it and it is helpful for those who need it. [However] this material demands more. It demands that you intellectually and intuitively expand. It demands that you use your [innate] abilities.

~ ESP Class, October 21, 1969.

“You must realize that any idea you accept as truth is a belief that you hold. You must, then, take the next step and say, ‘It is not necessarily true even though I believe it.’ You will, I hope, learn to disregard all beliefs that imply basic limitations.”

~ The Nature of Personal Reality, session 614.

“The integrity of any intuitive information depends upon the inner integrity of the person who receives it. Expansion of consciousness, therefore, requires honest self appraisal, an awareness of one’s own beliefs and prejudices. It brings a gift and a responsibility. All who wish to look within themselves, to find their own answers, to encounter their own ‘appointment with the universe,’ should therefore become well acquainted with the intimate workings of their own personality.”

~ Seth Speaks, session 596

UN-learning is not easy. Envision the hours and effort it takes to knit a sweater or build a building. Unraveling the sweater takes time and the yarn no longer has the same initial integrity. We can’t even fathom taking apart a building brick by brick. We usually take dynamite to it in a controlled fashion. UN-learning is like that – unraveling the small aspects of pre-conditioned beliefs to find that the basics no longer have the same integrity. For the larger projects, UN-learning may need some form of dynamite in a controlled fashion to demolish long-held and core beliefs. Often it leaves a gaping hole of debris that one needs to clear away before anything new can grow or can be built in its place. It’s a labour intensive exercise in love – for ourselves.

Yet I must say, the journey to my own innate truth has been, and continues to be, worth the effort. The following quote emphasizes, for me, the natural grace of this process and confirms the rightness of my choice:

“The truths are written in the pupils of your eyes and the cells of your being and in your own vitality and joy. The truth is not in any book. It is in your living being and the vitality of your own breath. If, after many years I can convince you of that truth, if you will forgive the term, then will you understand how the universe is always created, how it expands constantly from your own thought, and how you are the fountain of truth after which you search with such diligence.”

~ Speaking of Jane Roberts, March 12, 1974.

In Light and Laughter and the rightness of your own Truth,



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