She Says – Universal *Boinks*

Hello Dear Ones!

It has been a while since I found myself here – chatting up a thought or two to share with you …

Today’s topic has me laughing at the potentially risqué interpretation of the word *Boinks* – yet our intention is purely innocent – truly!

[*Boinks* are soft, small, flexible toys used as a trajectory without any damage to persons or objects – see here . *Boinks* are such fun! Mike and I play with our green and purple ones quite often!]

Years past … oh, way before I began this incredible consciously-spiritual journey I’m currently traveling … I was often known to say: “God/the Universe/All That Is needs to hit me up the side of the head with a two-by-four before I’ll get the message!” Ya, that’s what I obviously believed and so the experiences in my life were dramatic, pronounced, greater in negative intensity and less gentle in their unfoldings than they might normally have been had I believed in the loving gentleness of the Divine’s methods for teaching me what I was ready to learn. Yet it took me a long time (and many2x4-induced headaches) to see the softer, more playful and obvious side of life.

Now I see Divine guidance more readily – more eagerly – and much more easily these days. Simple pleasures, daily joys, deep appreciations fill my moments to overflowing with gratitude. Amongst life’s unfoldings are: the softest of hints at concepts worth considering through my day; uncomplicated, unique and powerful lessons with the potential for personal and spiritual growth; the gentlest of nudges guiding me to see, hear and do – to follow – divine guidance for the best possible outcome for everyone … myself included; so much joyous play!

Let me give you an example:

* I stand before five massive glass doors for entry to a huge mall – just an average shop today. Nothing special. I am about to enter the mall by choosing the closest door to my current location. Yet I see something pink and silky on the ground a few yards/meters away. The colour and texture draw my attention. I walk toward it out of curiosity. The item is not pink, nor is it silk. It is, in fact, something that could be considered garbage. Rather than being annoyed at the waste, confused by the interruption to my schedule, irritated at the individual who tossed this item onto the ground, instead I pick it up, take a few more steps to the recycle bin where it can be, hopefully, reused by someone, somewhere, in some fashion. Only then do I enter the mall. The door I’m closest to now is the one at the far end from where I would have entered initially.

As I step into the mall, I walk forward and am just about to pass by a down-escalator. Several things cross my level of awareness all in an instant: I realize that an elderly woman is almost to the floor level;  crowded only one and two steps behind her are 3 other people, all holding scads of parcels and talking animatedly to each other; unaware that the older woman is uncomfortable with escalators, they do not notice her hesitation; just as the woman realizes what it is she needs to do to disembark from this contraption, she loses her balance. Within nanoseconds and due to my proximity, I recognize that she is about to fall. The people so close behind her will topple onto her and she’ll be crushed beneath them.

With the grace and speed of a gazelle (not phrases normally used to describe my physical presence in this lifetime) I stepped up to this woman and lifted her tiny frame to safety. The people behind her never even noticed the potential disaster that was about to occur.

Coincidence? No. Coincidence has been described for and by most folks as the Divine’s way of remaining anonymous.  Synchronicity, perhaps? For me, it is divine unfolding! My presence and proximity was needed. I was drawn away from my original destination to be elsewhere – exactly where and when my assistance was required! The ‘pink silk’ was merely a nudge – a *boink* – to get my attention and redirect it. Had I gotten angry or frustrated or annoyed at the alteration in my path, I’d have been filled with negative energy and unlikely to have truly ‘seen’ what was transpiring right in front of me where I was being guided to aide someone in need. Had I not seen it, I’d not have been of any help at all! [But then the Universe would have promptly devised another safe way for this woman to be aided …]

More examples:

* Hearing someone on a bus talking knowledgeably about the very subject I had asked a question about earlier that very day.
* Feeling a bit sad, yet finding that a small child has been trying to catch my attention. When I look his way and see his elf-kin ears, big smile and see him wave at me, I am transported to utter joy in a mere heart beat!
* I am moved instantly to name a teddy bear in a hospital gift shop contest, and win (I called him Tickles … the name was there as though everyone should have known it immediately!) [BTW: I got to keep Tickles … he’s sitting here with Mike and I as we write to you this evening …]
* A bright orange object in amongst a forest of varying shades of browns and deep greens leads to an adventure and an amazing story. If you haven’t already checked it out, click here to read my true story: Angel on my Finger

Life is a blessing. Lessons are part of the journey. Nudges to keep us on track and heading in the right direction when we sometimes get waylaid are part of the excitement and adventure! Recognizing the subtle, and often-times not-so-subtle, clues that guide us along the way can be creative and pleasurable if perceived to be in our best interest. Nudges and spiritual *boinks* tossed our way from the Universe can redirect us to places, people and situations that are divinely guided. Living a guided life is a truly blessed way to exist, to grow and to become the very best me I can be …

Here’s a magenta *Boink*coming your way – stretch and flex your spiritual muscles and reach out for it! It’ll have you *g*i*g*g*l*i*n*g* …

In Light and Laughter,



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