She Says – the True Nature of a Gift?

Hello Dear Ones!

Gifts: over a lifetime we give them, receive them, and were born with them (whether or not we choose to use them!) As children we receive gifts from parents, aunties and uncles, and our ‘best’ friends at birthday parties. The gifts that are ones we really, really wanted are also the ones we remember receiving. Anything else is appreciated in the moment, yet holds no lasting memory.

It is the same when we give a gift to someone else. If that gift is picked by us, for another, and is chosen with a heartfelt purpose, we remember the time and care we took to find it, to buy it, to wrap it and to present it to them. More even than that, we recall our own excited feelings as we watch them unwrap it and their reaction once they open it. “Wow,” we think to ourselves, “they really do like it!” It makes us feel good to have made them feel good…

What about the gifts we were born with: the ones that we chose to carry with us into this lifetime; the talents that the Divine, in blessed wisdom, thought would be absolutely perfect for us to have and to use while we sojourn on this planet? Do you realize that the Divine is just like us who has chosen a gift, taken the time to provide it, wrap it up in the decoration of the body and soul that is YOU, to watch us as we open this precious and wisely chosen gift/talent and then looks forward to hearing us say “WoW … that is fabulous!”

Sadly, so many of us don’t see the wrapping as being perfectly crafted, the gift as lovingly chosen,  or  sense the excited anticipation of  the Divine watching us unwrap it all and then actually putting this gift to the amazing use it was intended. Yes, so very sad.

Most people today devalue their gifts, their talents. They compare their gifts with those of others and rather than cherishing them for the exceptional quality that they are, they find them wanting or lacking by comparison.

“Joe is a terrific administrator. He makes lots of money. All I can do is make people laugh.”

“Mary is an architect and designs beautiful homes. All I can do is paint portraits.”

“Harvey writes scripts for television. His work is always in demand. All I can do is write poetry.”

… “all I can do is … ” with the implied finish to the sentence “… and that’s not good enough.”

Not good enough for whom? When did you decide that the talent you and the Divine excitedly chose to bring with you here to this lifetime had little to no value? Like a broken toy, when did you toss it aside thinking it couldn’t be fixed – or worse – that it wasn’t worth fixing?

If you had given such a gift to a friend and they tossed it back in your face saying it wasn’t good enough, how would that make you feel? Yet every time we do that to ourselves, we dishonour the precious gift within us.

What is the true nature of a gift? To me, as I see it, it is the rejoicing in a lovingly crafted and packaged bonus – something especially chosen to be given and received in an exchange of blessed energy – an interchange, if you will, of  unconditional love.

Next time you degrade, devalue, misuse, or don’t bother to use your own special gifts and talents, remember that you are placing conditions on your very existence. You are telling yourself and the Divine not only that you are unworthy but worse, that the gift itself is not worthy. How would you like to have to explain that one to All That Is? “Here God, what you gave me holds no power, weight, punch, or importance in today’s society. Thanks anyway.”

I certainly don’t want to be around when you attempt that conversation!

You chose this journey, this physical reality: the adventures, challenges and gifts you brought with you were all fore-planned. I’m not speaking of fate here. I am suggesting you consider life as you might a computer game. You enter into the game choosing the character you wish to be, with the tools (usually weapons in a computer game), gifts, and talents that you think will help along the journey. You get into a scrape, you know what tools will work to get your character out and on his or her way. You don’t moan while your character remains stationary (and your time runs out) not able to move up to the next level of the game, now do you? Of course not!

Yet, why do so many of us do this in our lives?

Before I close, let me tell each and every one of you – you are precious. You are truly powerful, talented, multi-dimensional spiritual beings choosing to live a human existence. Into this existence you and your creator chose the very gifts that you deemed best for this adventure. When and how you use them is up to you. They are there for you and for you alone. Honour and use them as the recipient of such an incredible gift would do. Honour yourselves, the giver, by accepting them in all their glorious ways of being. Honour the exchange of loving energy through it all.

Do yourselves proud – unconditionally love who you are, what makes you so precious and so very, very special – a one-of-a-kind-with-no-basis-for-comparison perfect example of uniqueness! And those gifts of yours? Let their true nature shine out from your eyes, your heart and your hands for all time.

In Light and Laughter,



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