She Says – The Authentic Self

Hello Dear Ones!

What mask do you have on at the moment? Which ones have you worn so far today? None? Think again. What mask had you answering the phone when you really didn’t want to? Which one affected your last response to a partner/child/parent/neighbour/boss/co-worker/friend/stranger on the street or the one who cut you off in traffic?

So often through our days we are so busy living and reacting that we are on auto-pilot – and that means we are not being true to ourselves. During those times our masks surface without us even being aware of them.

When we take the time to meditate or to journal, we feel ourselves more in tune with our Inner Being and at peace with the Divine. It is then that we truly feel more like who we know ourselves to be at the very depths of our Selves. This, we say in the moment, is our ‘authentic’ self. If only I could be like this all the time.

As we mature we get closer and closer to allowing ourselves permission to be authentic. It matters less and less what we think, say, or do. There is no longer the fear that someone will like us less if we speak our truth or say ‘NO’ when ‘NO’ is what is in our best interest. Playing life’s social games becomes a wasted pastime. Time for inner growth takes precedence in our lives.

Oh, that we could be like that now, in amongst the busy-ness of our daily lives – to be authentic when the kids are fighting, the boss is on a rampage, the traffic has your nerves on edge. And yet … aren’t those the very times when being authentic can be, should be, would be in your best interest?

May I suggest practicing authenticity within the confines of a safe relationship; with yourself acknowledging and honouring your incessant inner chatter; with a dear friend who will understand when you say ‘NO’, not this time; when you talk to your child or your parent and explain that this is what you did, and this is why you did it – setting an example of the proper way to be true to oneself? Practice within safety gives you the knowledge to know how your body responds to doing the right thing for you. Then with that knowledge  and continued practice comes the strength to be able to walk your talk in all aspects of your being.

Letting the masks go frees up your hands and your soul to immense possibilities. Without having to hang on to false faces, you are open to your greatest potential in inconceivable ways. Try it! You may like it!

In Light and Laughter,


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