She Says – Letting Go

Hello Dear Ones!

I am laughing as I write this … Mike suggested the topic for this week and my immediate response was resistance! I laugh because I know that it must be a good topic – from the reaction my entire body experienced!

While I was stalling and doing a gazillion other things rather than writing here, I read a beautiful blog post by e-friend Kat Tansey (Twitter: @KatTansey) on the subject of Finding the Still Point in a Turning World. Kat talks about letting go [Note: the bolding is my own addition]:

What is the Still Point?

Each of us will describe it differently, but here is what it is for me –

It is moment in time when I let go of my need to be absorbed in my thoughts, when I step back and simply observe them floating by like ripples in a stream.

I feel my body sink into the chair, my spine relax, the heaviness of my hands on my lap.

My breathing becomes deeper and smoother, and I am aware of the sound of my breathing in and breathing out.

Gradually (and the amount of time this takes can vary from a few minutes to half an hour), I am able to let go of my stream of thoughts. I become aware of the sounds in the room, of my body in the chair, of the PRESENT MOMENT.

I may see some colors or lights or other visual effects. This does not always happen but when it does I welcome it. I may also feel a warm tingling all over my body.

Sensations come and go. Thoughts come and go. Moments of complete peace come and go. Moments of ecstasy come and go. Nothing lasts. Nothing needs to last. I am part of the larger stream, letting it carry me and remind me that I am always part of it.

Eventually I return from the Still Point.

I drink a big glass of water and make a few notes about my visit. When I am finished, I leave my journal on the small round glass table next to my large overstuffed deep red chair. I fold my tattered and much beloved brown shawl and place it over the arm of the chair, put my shoes on, and walk back into my busy life, with the memory of where I have been to enrich and sustain my everyday world.

Even in the reading of it, this meditation technique of Kat’s has a very calming effect!  And I adore the simplicity of her ‘sacred’ space – an overstuffed comfy chair, a small round-glass table and a tattered shawl … life need be no more complex than that.

It has been a challenging few weeks for me (and for Mike as well) and I realized that I have not been taking the time to meditate. There has always been something that needs to be done, somewhere to go, or a nap to take when all else seems overwhelming.

Meditation has not only been low on the list – it had apparently gotten erased from it! I have not been taking time to step back and away from all the busy-ness of life. So I am grateful to Mike for suggesting this topic, to Kat for writing about finding the still point in one’s life, and to my own ability to acknowledge there may be a new lesson to learn. With all that I’ve been doing, the very thing I really need to do is to actually let go of it all. When I’m in control mode – attempting to handle the how‘s of my life’s unfolding – I am not at my best: I’m trying too hard and not trusting in the divine of the Divine.

It is time for me to let go. It is time to find that space within my being that allows me the opportunity to breathe and to simply be. Kat’s basic and very fundamental exercise is a good place to begin: find that still point within myself and my Self.

With a smile and the passionate desire to continued growth, I reach into my heart, find the words I’m sharing here with you, knowing that what I write is for my own development – and if you glean something from it as well, Dear Reader, then we are both the better for it!

Create a fabulous week for yourself – and may we both find peace in letting go of all that occupies us, yet is not of us.

In Light and Laughter,



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