She Says – Embracing Perfection

Hello Dear Ones!

Perfection. Something we all strive for, yet never grant ourselves permission to claim we have achieved. There’s always something more we can do, have, be …

Having goals to accomplish more, to have more, to become more is admirable – especially if the goal is positive in its intention. However, those who tend to see the lack of things in their lives – including the lack of perfection – may find the striving for perfection to be a challenge and a burden.

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full person? Or, like me, Pollyanna that I am, do you see the glass as being full – 1/2 full of liquid and the other 1/2 full of air? Perception and perfection – similar sounding words, only one letter apart in form – a world apart in definition. Perception of what is – requires knowing one’s own self enough to recognize that what is is limited only by your personal beliefs. If that glass is half empty, you are more likely going to see the down side of life and what you may refer to as ‘reality’ – a “That’s just the way life is!” kind of person. If you happen to see the glass as being half full, there is a perception that there is always hope! Things may not be as complete (or perfect) as you know they can be, yet there is always the hope that they will be – one day! Should you be a Pollyanna like me, whatever is is perfect just the way it is – with the knowing that it shall become even more than it currently is in the moment. This is not merely a hope. It is an innate understanding of the unfolding of life with all of its potential, its possibilities and probabilities. Perception is what we see around us. Perfection is knowing what is and what is still to become more of itself in all its glory.

“Perfection is not being, for all being is in a state of becoming. This does not mean that all being is in a state of becoming perfect, but in a state of becoming more itself.” ~ Seth and The Nature of Personal Reality, session 674.

Keeping in mind that, for me, all weeks introduce something extraordinary into my life in one fashion or another … this week past has brought exceptionally powerful experiences into my life expanding my inner growth to a level far exceeding anything I have ever been courageous enough to actually tackle! (Note: I’ll share the steps and outcomes more over the coming weeks as it all unfolds …)

My horoscope (and yours if your sign is Sagittarius) on May 28th, 2010 was bang on:

“You are about to undergo a radical change in your outlook, the kind of change that happens only two or three times in a life span. What is your number one creative ambition? Make that the focus of your existence.”

Whoa! Just that very day I had lightening bolt AHA moments! Did I ever undergo a change! For the first time in my life, my passion and talents/gifts began coming together and revealing themselves to be meaningful in ways more tangible than a hobby. Like a carver who removes the outer layers of their medium to reveal the inner beauty that resides within, my gifts and talents have been freed and are now visible to my own Self in ways that I see as coming truly into themselves as the vital calling of my inner self – becoming more of who I am.

Here are the two guided ways that I allowed myself to welcome this amazing transition into my experience: David Morelli’s course on Inspiration and Cultivating the 3 Power Bases of the Co-Creative Feminine. Should you choose to listen in – and they are worth the time in my estimation – each one is just over an hour long.

With my own meditation following those webinars, came the inspiration to go back to computer files I had stored years ago and to seek out a collection of verses that were powerful and uplifting the first time I read them back in 2005. When originally received, the source had a first name only – I still do not know the person to thank for this, other than ‘Claribel‘:

Suitheist Verses: Self-Surrender

by Claribel

I surrender my limitations to my infinitude.

I surrender my fears to my eternal indestructibility.

Not a surrender to a “Universal All” that is not me, but to this particular infinity that is mine, the universe that dwells within this contour of flesh.

Not surrender to something above me, but to something as enmeshed throughout me as my nervous system.

Not surrender to something not-my-ego, but surrender to something which is as much a part of my ego as tissue is a part of muscle.

Not surrender of my control, but surrender to the fullness of my control.

A surrender not in humility but in pride, not to my diminishment but to my extension.

I surrender to the universe within, and let it spread throughout my cells, my nerves, to the very tips of my fingers, to the very ends of my hair. I surrender to the stars that yearn to dance amid my follicles like beads of light through optical fibers. I surrender to the infinite vacuum, and let it inflate into infinite uniqueness.

(Note: Suitheism is now referred to as Apotheosis per Wikipedia )

Those phrases spark immense inner comfort, confidence, uplifting inspiration and passion. Each has brought me a sense of peace in addition to a sense of potential. The excitement bubbling up from within me, that is granting me the courage to step forward into previously unknown territory, resonates with these phrases. They are not telling me I am perfect – for that would be to take on an arrogant lie. What they do, for me, is grant an inner vision of the perfection of who I can become. In accepting the me I can yet be, I embrace the potential to reach perfection.

However, to keep me centered rather than flying off into any arrogant belief that perfection can and should be achieved in any lifetime, let alone my own, here’s a quote that retains a sense of excitement with a goodly measure of ‘reality’:

“All is well, and you will never get it done. Life is supposed to be fun. No one is taking score of any kind, and if you will stop taking score so much, you will feel a whole lot better – and as you feel a whole lot better, more of the things that you want right now will flow to you. You will never be in a place where all of the things that you are wanting will be satisfied right now, or then you could be complete – and you never can be. This incomplete place that you stand is the best place that you could be. You are right on track, right on schedule. Everything is unfolding perfectly. All is really well. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun!” ~ Abraham-Hicks

“Everything is unfolding perfectly” … that kind of perfection I’m ready to embrace!

In Light and Laughter,



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