She Says – Eating Our Way…

Hello Dear Ones!

When Mike and I arrive in a new city – nothing entices us more than a meal or two out at local restaurants. So much can be learned about a city, its culture and her people by indulging in the locally owned, and run, food establishments. As a result, being  new to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – the place we now call home – Mike and I are eating our way through the city … and I have to tell you we are enjoying the journey immensely!

With excitement and great enthusiasm, we have decided to take you on the journey with us! Grab a fork, bring along the heartiest of appetites and savour the flavours and the ambiance of what shall prove to be a culinary extravaganza – sure to heighten your senses, satisfy your hunger … Well, maybe not satisfy your hunger as it may just get your appetite charged, those digestive juices flowing, and your tummy growling. What you read may tempt you out the door, heading you to that newly opened restaurant in your own town! Should that ever happen, then we’ve done what we hope to do!

Remember our last He Says/She Says post that asked you what word you would use to describe your city and your self? What flavour would you use to describe your city? Savoury? Spicey? Sweet? Saucy? Maybe tangy or tart. How about rich or creamy? Possibly for you, as it does with our own tastebuds, it changes on a regular basis from one  flavour to another and to yet another, minute by minute and day by day.

Just so you know, starting today, Mike and I shall chat up our Victoria city restaurant experiences under a new blog category of FOOD. We intend to make it a monthly entry – the last Saturday of each month. So come back and check it out regularly.

Today we both heartily agreed to our very first Eating Our Way through Victoria restaurant commendation – and a commendation it is indeed!

Floyd’s Diner

Every time we passed this restaurant, there were two notable things immediately and starkly apparent: there was almost always a crowd gathered outside awaiting entry; and the entire building was bright pink. (Any of you Pink Floyd fans?)  Floyd’s Diner is downtown – easy to find and hard to miss! Now normally crowds would scare off most people from even bothering – but crowds to us means the highest of recommendations from the very people willing to wait. And worth the wait it is!

Open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week, it serves up an all day breakfast. As a child, my parents and siblings travelled a great deal. It’s expensive to feed a family of six for lunch or dinner. Breakfast is fast and it’s cheap. To this day breakfast is still my favourite meal out. And at Floyd’s, if you like breakfast – you’ll be delighted with the options, the serving sizes and the prices.

Heading out for lunch? Whether you bring a voracious appetite or merely want something simple, the choices cover all possibilities. In addition to the ever flowing pot of excellent coffee, there is a bottomless bowl of  hearty homemade soup with garlic buttered bread fingers for dipping. Still hungry after the first bowl? Your server will be delighted to refill it to the brim and add more of those tantalizing fingers to soak up every last, delicious drop – no extra cost!

As you enter Floyd’s you will be greeted by a cup carrying, coffee serving host who will take your name. (BTW: I don’t think there are two matching coffee mugs to be found in the Diner anywhere! Well, maybe the light blue ones…)  There are comfy chairs in which to relax. The decor is unique to say the least with lots to look at till your table is ready. Pictures, both old and new of entertainers – such as the Beatles as they were in ’64 and the last picture of them taken in August of ’69. There are local artisans’ works on the walls and a pink motor scooter in one corner. The walls are painted bright and varied colours. Weather permitting (and in Victoria the weather is usually always great, even when it rains!) you might choose to be part of the crowd mulling around in very un-lineup fashion outside. Once you’ve found your way there to enjoy the ambiance and fine fare, folks tend to be regulars, so it’s easy to meet up with others you know.

Please note: eating at Floyd’s is like entering the world of the circus. It’s a loud and happily boisterous environment. It is not for the faint of heart or for anyone with a fussiness for formality and fashion. Your server may be wearing torn or cutoff jeans and a pirate hat. Another might be flaunting a bit of cleavage while a baseball cap sits nestled upon a head sprouting Pippi Longstocking-style braids. Uniqueness is encouraged. Your server may break out in song at any time. And the staff give great hugs! Our first visit, Mike and I gave our server a Hug Certificate and we each got several hugs in return for our generosity. Today we noticed a different server laughing with, and hugging, a co-worker. They each got a Hug Certificate  from us and we were rewarded back with a huge hug from each of them. There is wonderful rapport amongst the staff and so much laughter. The patrons feel the high energy and it, like the food, fuels the soul.

In Light and Laughter,


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