She Says – Copyright

According to the Encarta Dictionary found in the Microsoft Word 2007 – (and giving copyright allowance to source) – the definition of the word Copyright is:

  • Creative artist’s control of original work: the legal right of creative artists or publishers to control the use and reproduction of their original works

Now, Mike and I are both artisans – in a variety of mediums. For myself, my mediums of choice are my short stories, poetry and novels (well, one almost completed novel – to be published by June of 2010), as well as my paintings.

Copyright is not something I give any credence to. At least I haven’t at this point in my life. Someone likes what I’ve written, I’m honoured and delighted when and if they choose to use my writings for their own purposes. If they use my work in a published fashion without my permission and they get paid – hey, I’m still in print even if no one else knows it’s me!

So let’s look at the definition above. The one word that jumps out at me is control. I do not like that word. It is one I would choose to remove from my own personal dictionary. Back to the Encarta Dictionary for a definition of the word control:

  • To manage – to exercise power or authority over something such as a business or a nation.
  • To restrain or limit – to restrict or limit somebody or something, e.g. in expression, occurrence, or rate of increase
  • The process of limiting or restricting somebody or something, or the methods used in this

Now in all fairness to the word, it does have its positive aspect such as:

  • In the skill of, or control in, using something or in performing a task or function.

I wouldn’t be a particularly good writer if I didn’t have skill or control over my own writing style and practices thereof!

But to be in control, to lose control, to be out of control, to take control, to be under someone or something’s control … well, I don’t think I need to go into too much detail here about the fact that, of all the above options, only one of five has any potential positive aspect to it. In my estimation, naturally… as I wouldn’t want to control what you may think of this (BIG smile here…), yet even that one apparent positive definition, to be in control, still means control over something or someone. Having control over what and how I write is one thing, but to have control over someone else?

I spent years as a wife and mother and didn’t like myself very much when I tended to exert (and trust me, as much as I didn’t want to, I still did!) control over their lives. As the boys got older it was more an attempt to exert control – most often unsuccessfully (she says now, with a laugh). That’s when I got very skilled (again a control word) at attempted manipulation. If I could make it sound like something they’d want to do…

However, I’ve matured. My sons are their own persons. Proud as punch I am of them both! Mike won’t let me control or manipulate him – bless him! I still try on occasion – more from habit than anything. It gains me nothing  :O)

These days I live more and more in the world of All That Is, nurturing my life and my soul from the Source itself. I find myself freer. I no longer need to be in control: not of life; not of others, certainly; and not even of my own self.  The freedom to take a moment – any and every moment – and accept it for what it is – its own precious expression of life – is uplifting! I’m not perfect at this way of living, yet I walk this talk more and more often as the days and years unfold. This leaves me free from the responsibility of anything outside of myself. And I can’t tell you how freeing that feeling is for me. I can’t describe to you more than I have here. You’d have to know it within yourself to understand.

So, in returning back to the topic of copyright, then, I would suggest that, for me, there is no thought or concern or need for control over my own work. Once my book is published, will I want to receive credit – such as recognition or financial remuneration from others who may choose to use my words? Heck, if I get so good that others will want to quote me – they can go ahead and quote me to their heart’s content! I’d be proud as could be!

Copyright, to me, is a societal restriction based on a childish behavioural pattern. We’ve all seen it. Two kids playing together. One says: “That’s mine. You can’t have it!” The two begin to fight over control of said item. If the item doesn’t get broken in the attempt to possess it, one of them wins. The other pouts and cries or goes running to mom to resolve the perceived unfairness. In the adult world, the one who wins gets paid or receives some recognition. The loser sues. Still, to me, a very childish behavioural pattern.

That’s the way this eternal optimist sees it.

In Light & Laughter,


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