She Says – Conscious Co-Creation

Hello Dear Ones!

Well, if you’ve not gleaned from reading our posts by now that Mike and I are very much into a more spiritual direction than any religious bent, you’ll know by the end of this post!

Our spiritual journeys both began with the reading of Jane Robert’s Seth Speaks book. For me that was back in the 1970’s. The book and Seth’s philosophies are still as current today as they were back then. In fact, now with the universal appeal of The Secret, Seth’s teachings and wisdom are even more relevant in today’s historical context: individuals wanting to have direct and creative input to establishing solutions for a world seen as being out of balance.

Channeled communication from the likes of Seth, Abraham, Elias, Ramtha and P’taah offer spiritual counsel to those seeking to make a difference in our world. When even the famous such as Oprah Winfrey take to interviewing Esther Hicks – the channel for the collective Abraham – the world steps up to take notice. Taken directly from the Abraham-Hicks own website:

Abraham has described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” (which helps a lot!). They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.”

The launching point of my spiritual journey from its inception through the Seth and other readings ignited me into a wide range of unique concepts. I’ve read, researched and attempted to apply all aspects of the teachings that resonated well within me. If what I was reading didn’t feel right – I ignored it in the moment as one of two options: either it held no significance for me personally, or I had yet to reach a level in my spiritual journey where I was ready to understand that particular lesson as applied to my own life’s journey. Often times, a re-read years later showed me an AHA moment where a previously insignificant passage would open up to reveal wisdom of a depth that would blow my mind in that very moment! When I find myself going “WoW!”, I know I’ve come a long way and am delighted with the new found understanding.

At first what I was learning was a challenge to explain to family and friends, all of whom were into a more religious focus in their lives. Though some were agnostic or even atheistic in their beliefs, there’s a dear sweet woman in my life who I know is sure I’m going to H–L in a hand basket! At first I attempted to keep conversations light between us. Sometimes it was easy to avoid the religious-spiritual topic during our chats. With some, however, the strain of connection was pushed to the limit and I realized that separation was the only saving grace for us both.  I love them dearly to this day, yet we will never see eye to eye on this issue and, sadly, there is no compromise for either of us. In order for me to be a conscious co-creator, I need to live my beliefs and honour all others who also choose to live their beliefs as well, no matter the differences. That goes for my family, my friends, my neighbours, my community, my country, the world. There is room for us all, and for all of our beliefs – whatever they may be.

This particular topic opens up a wide range of potential for discussion. Needless to say, I want to keep it concise and impactful for you. To that end, I want to do two things:
1.) go into a more applicable presentation as to what being a Conscious Co-Creator means to me
2.) give examples of how I apply these concepts and beliefs in my daily life

One of my favourites and of all the readings I’ve encountered, the most easily understood (Seth is great yet is a challenge to get through from an intellectual perspective!) is Kirsten Fox and Becky Mundt’s channeled writings done up on their website: Conscious

Reality Creation 101 is a great place to start if you’re new to the idea of conscious creation or metaphysics in general.

” The creative process unfolds continually, infinitely, constantly. You cannot miss it. It’s going to happen whether you pay attention or not. So the question becomes: how do you create the inner experience with the most harmony and ingredients of joy or the ingredients you seek in the outer? The answer is, you train your attention away from the outer long enough to perceive how the inner process works.

Once you have perceived how the inner process works, that is, you have lined up the details of the inner mechanisms: thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, tendencies, influences, choices. Then you are free to go back and watch the outer reflect the new understanding. “

Taking that to heart since it resonated so well with me, I lined up the details of my own inner mechanisms – my thoughts and beliefs, my feelings and emotions.  I watched my own tendencies and the things that influenced me to make the choices I was making in my life. The things that were working well in my life I chose to keep – an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type of approach. However, the things that were not working – those were the areas of my life that I chose to put under a microscope, so to speak, and I really looked at what I was doing, why I was doing it, and needed to delve even deeper to determine what it was I wanted as my outcome so that I could step forward onto a path of consciously choosing the outcome of my life!

Many years ago, I had the blessing of a full weekend retreat/workshop put on by the Pecos River Learning Centre – sponsored by the corporation with whom I was employed at the time. One of the phrases that was repeated regularly was:

If you always do what you’ve always done
You’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Looking back at my life and all the things that did work, knowing I was happy with that setup as it was, gave me the freedom to continue doing those things. Knowing that if I continued on with the things that didn’t give me the positive and inspiring outcomes I wanted in my life (translate as ‘financial insecurity’ in particular) then knowing I needed to make a change in what I did and how I did it would be the only way to get different results. Simple in concept and implication. Less than simple in application.

Yet I was determined to make it work. I wanted to be that Conscious Creator of my own life!  The co in Co-Creator took on a unique perspective for me. Who or what was the other aspect of being a conscious creator? Was it outside of me?  Was it God? Potentially a Higher Power as I so often heard used in non-denominational groups? Was it within me? If within me, how did I access it? What was ‘it’? How was I to communicate with ‘it’? I knew what I wanted in my life. Did that other part of me – or the Higher Power, outside of myself – know what I wanted? Did ‘it’ want it too?

With all of the research I did, learning to know and to fully accept that All That Is, the Universe, Source (a term used by Dr. Wayne Dyer – one of my all time favourite inspirational teachers!), or the god of anyone’s understanding truly does want the absolute best for me, for you, for us all! Making such a statement is relatively easy to do. Fully believing that fact is something entirely different. Then taking it one additional step and trusting that the good within all things is conspiring with us to make it all come together – now that is the grandest of the grand. Conspiring with us … that, to me, is co-creation at its finest.

Yet can it be that simple? Yes. Is it? No. Why not? Years of societal pre-conditioning preclude our beliefs in ourselves. We are told what to think, how to do things, when to do things, what is good, what is bad – none of it based on what is right for us as individuals, but what has been perceived to work for our society based on an ‘Us versus Them’ fear mentality. Don’t trust anyone, but trust us, and especially don’t trust yourself as that will really get you into trouble. The trouble it will get you into is doing things that are right for you, not for ‘them’. ‘They’ deem it inconvenient so it’s considered trouble. (Now the last bit of that was more than I intended to get into today. Suffice it to say I’ll leave it here as a teaser. No more than that.)

Where did I begin to apply my new learnings? I started with simple exercises. I began with the red scarf exercise that I wrote about in my She Says – New Year post written up here for you:

Through various teachers and teachings, we are currently being told that we are co-creators of our own reality. “Ask and it is given” is an Abraham-Hicks quote that captured and piqued my interest. I decided to try it. The logical mind in me figured that if I started with a simple request and got what I asked for, then I could expand out to something larger. So, to choose something simple I had the crazy thought pop into my head that I wanted to see a woman wearing a red scarf. Simple enough – except that it was the middle of a very hot summer. The probability of anyone wearing a scarf was highly unlikely, and specifically a red scarf made the chances even less possible. But that’s what I chose to ask for one Thursday afternoon. Then, as instructed, I forgot about it. I let the thought go, trusting that it would happen – or it wouldn’t. I was okay with it either way.

At the time I was in retail and was five minutes from closing up on the first Friday night after I put out my scarf request.  I heard the store’s bell tinkle the announcement of a customer’s arrival. Normally I’d not have bothered to look, busy as I was with other responsibilities. Yet that day, I raised my eyes from my work. I glanced up and did my best not to laugh out loud. In flounced the most amazing woman. As though she were making a dramatic entry onto a stage, she stepped into our store. With her arms flung open in a grand gesture encompassing anyone within visual range, and in a clear, bold voice she stated to no one in particular that she knew exactly what she needed. With that she strode over to retrieve her item and proceeded to the cash register. We processed and bagged her purchase within moments and she was on her way home. We locked the door behind her as it was closing time.

Now, had this woman been like anyone else, she’d have quietly come in and would have gone to get her item. I’d not have seen her as I was busy doing the closing up routine expected at end of day. However, with the flamboyance of this persona of a woman, I immediately became aware of her presence.  I was also able to see her entire show and with it, her attire. She was a very tall, thin woman with bright red hair and brighter red lipstick, white sandals, white Capri pants, a red and white checked blouse and – yes, you guessed it – a solid red bandana scarf tied jauntily around her long, slim neck!

That, dear folks, was my introduction to the concept of creative visualization. I learned that there is more to my world than merely what I see – more than having to live with the hand I’m dealt. I get to choose, to ask for, and to receive – things I desire.

I thought up the concept, asked for it and trusted that a power within me – or without – would co-conspire to pull all the logistics together to make it happen. Having such wonderful success prompted me to do it again and again. With each failure – and there were many – I put the failure under the microscope to determine what may have caused the lack of results. I discovered over time that it was my underlying lack of trust. I wanted to control things to ensure their outcome or I had more fear than faith in the outcome if I left it in hands outside of my own.

As I looked and examined more and more, closer and deeper, I realized something else about me and my relationship with this overall concept of Conscious Co-Creation. I’m an idea person. I come up with fantastic thoughts. My imagination is constantly in action. Guess that’s one of the reasons why I’m a writer and poet. My imagination is always in overdrive! With a natural creative focus from birth, it isn’t hard for me to come up with more and more things, events, people, and experiences to envision and to want to draw into my life. I want to be there, do that, meet this person, chat with that one, laugh and play and write and dream and get results of magical proportions every moment of every day of my life.

And do you know what? It is possible. My life is a living testament to the magical – when I live out of trust and not from a place of fear or control. From that negative perspective, particularly from the control issue, it is hard to tell me I can be a creator, yet tell me also that I don’t have total control. I need to share the glory with a co-creator whom I have yet to define to my total satisfaction (it tends to vary situation to situation…). Yet quite frankly I don’t want that responsibility! When I determined to my delight and amazement that I don’t want to be that co-creator, it freed me up to do what I do want! And here’s what I do want. I want to imagine.

What is this I have determined for myself? Here’s the crux of it all for me – at this point in time, at this juncture of my understanding – I am an imagineer. That is my own word and here’s the definition: Someone who has the ability to create incredible, imaginative, powerful concepts with the express purpose of allowing others to do the hands-on activities required to put these concepts and creations into action. (NB: ‘others’ can be human or can be of a spiritual nature depending upon the complexity required for a positive outcome. In other words, if I give the idea to someone and they run with it till it happens because they are inspired to do so, wonderful! Sometimes I’m the one who makes it happen, but only when I am inspired by childlike delight at doing so – not from a place of fear or control. If I put out a thought for something that takes the amazing creative ability of a power greater than myself to choreograph the people, places, events and synchronicities that are required to pull it all together, then either way it is out of my hands.)

I don’t want to be a conscious co-creator. There, I’ve said it. What do I want? I prefer to be a conscious imagineer. Let me dream. I can dream big. BIG! It boggles my mind the fun and amazing concepts I can and do create on a regular basis. And then I am as delighted as a kid when weeks or months down the road when something I thought of occurs in my life, or I hear of someone who has done exactly what I conceived of. Ever had one of those deja vu experiences?

Now sometimes those imaginings can have a negative outcome. If I’m in a place of fear or control, I can have powerful, less than positive thoughts as well. And do you know what? Creation doesn’t differentiate between the positive and the negative thoughts and imaginings I have. If I think it, they occur. No partiality. No parenting coming down from the skies saying: “Now, Marcia, you can’t think negative thoughts.” Or “I’ll choose which are in your best interest and which are not.” Nope. No parenting. Total and unconditional love. Allowing me to do and think anything I want. Creating away, I get results. Yes, every day! And the more results I get from my imagineering, the more imagineering I do. And the more imagineering I do, the better I get at it. And the better I get at it, the more and more fun it becomes.

The fun is now predominant in my life. Not perfect, just more predominant. There are still a few years of societal conditioning to undo! I continue to learn from the outcomes of all creative endeavours – both the positive and the more challenging. As I learn, I grow. As I grow I get bolder and enjoy more and try more, and love it all!

I imagine, and the outcome I leave in the hands of a power greater than myself, wherever that power may be located. What a grand design! All I have to do is imagine. Just imagine it!

In Light and Laughter,


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