She Says – Being the Candle

Hello Dear Ones!

You’ll have read on the prime page how Mike and I came to the visual imagery of each becoming a candle. What a joyous journey it has been for me  – from the recognition of such a simple and powerful analogy for use in meditation to the very application of actually being the candle in each and every encounter and experience in my life.

I’ve not yet perfected the skill. Being human, I have my moments of hiding my light under a basket. That basket I’ve woven myself over the years and I use it during times of fear and insecurity. Fortunately that basket has been well worn and has quite a few holes in it, allowing some of my light to shine out in spite of my occasional habit of shutting it away when fear or anger surfaces. Strange isn’t it that at the very time I need my own light to shine out to others is the very time I tend to hide – or would the better word be ‘hoard’? – my light from others?

The teachings I’ve been blessed to receive and the mystical and spiritual journeys I’ve undertaken with some amazing teachers and now on my own, have helped me to realize that light is the common connection we all have, one with the other. It is through the individual uniqueness of light vibration that we can be ourselves and can know each other – even over great distances and through the darkness.

Let me give you an example. One journey I experienced took me under the earth. I travelled like a rabbit through its burrow. But then I went into sections of the soil that had not been dug. I was as water seeping in through and between the particles of soil. Though there was no light as I know it on the surface of the earth, there was light. My eyes could ‘see’ everything that was contained within the soil – the bugs and insects, the plant roots, even the nutrients. Each had a different colour and vibrational pattern to it. There were reds and burgundies and merlots, greens and limes, blues and purples and magentas, yellows and mustards. There were colours I had never seen before with the limited spectrum of capability in my human visual format. There were even fluorescent colours distinct one plant from another, each species one from another. Those colours that were  healing, those that were poisonous to humans, those that were thriving in their current environment and those that were not – these were all recognized by colour and texture and light.

This vision came to me so clearly that when I returned to the physical topside of the earth once again, I was able to recognize from the root of a plant, and eventually from the outer plant as well, the healing energies of that plant as I saw it through its light.

As humans we are also a maze of light and of the responding vibrational colours of that light – each one of us unique and individual. Some of you may see or sense auras. I am one blessed with this gift. During another of my vision quest journeys I was granted the gift of actually seeing my own personal weave of colour patterns and how they radiate out to the world around me. And not only what they look like but where they actually connect to me and to those with whom I interact. What an incredible knowing!

Recently I read an article that I sent out to only a few people I knew who might understand the potential impact of what it revealed. If you are interested in discovering more about our DNA & light and how it might be used to help us heal ourselves, each other and the world, the link is here. (Please know it is a fairly long read, yet I feel it to be well worth your time!)

I would be delighted if you would send me a comment should you find that article worthy of further discussion.

When I allow myself to be the light and to free that inner light out to the world, my days are happier, the world is a grand place, people are more responsive and joyous in their interactions with me and with each other. My light radiates stronger and further when I smile. When I smile its like a light switch that turns on the twinkle in my eyes – releasing the light from inside me for all the world to see. When my light shines fully and naturally, it magnetically draws to me those who are also radiating their inner light outward. Yet it also draws me to those who may need a light of their own. Most often my light switches on the light within them. It may only last a moment, but I get to see that spark – the potential. If I can engage them in uplifting conversation during our contact, then I watch that spark ignite! What a tremendous feeling it is to observe!

My light is never depleted from the gift of giving. It is always fed from it, enriched, and ends up burning even brighter – like lighting another candle from your own, the original light never loses its own radiance. Unlike a candle, my form and wick never decrease. True, my physical body is showing signs of human aging. Yet my light- the light that is me – is stronger and more powerful than it has ever been. And I know that when it comes my time to leave my physical form, my light shall not disperse into nothingness but shall join in with the light of All That Is, when I shall become a part of all of you. The truest blessing of them all…

In Light and Laughter and Love,


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