She Says – Being or Doing?

Hello Dear Ones!

Being or doing? That is the question … at least it is the one we are contemplating today.

As a human being (lower case and less significant letters by intention) in today’s society, it is expected of me that I participate in the daily activities of the life I have chosen. From the moment I hop out of bed in the morning, I remind myself by my surroundings that I live in 2010, have a sweet and loving husband, a place I call home, pleasures, obligations and commitments. My role in all of these aspects of my human life requires certain activities to be accomplished by me and for, or with, others. That is the Doing part of life and living in today’s world.

Yet when I awaken and before I step into the busy-ness of my day, I take time to connect with the aspect of my Self choosing today to be a human. I stretch my muscles and limbs to the furthest reaches that they can attain within the confines of this physical body I have chosen to inhabit. I breathe deeply into the lungs protected by ribs that enclose them. With each deep breath, I renew the connection between my inner Self – my Being – and the human body in which I reside. I listen for the beat of the heart within me that resonates with the pulsing of life itself. I take a moment or more and give thanks for life, for the joy of living, for the blessings I have chosen to gift myself as my day unfolds, for the love within me that I know will have the opportunity to be expressed outwardly to those around me.

Through my day the things that I see as needing to be done sometimes overwhelm the spiritual aspect of me that is here in human form. Buying groceries, running to catch the bus, watching television, preparing meals, doing dishes … notice these are all precluded by verbs – action words.

When I can, I take a moment out of all that busy activity to do one more action verb – meditate. The action of meditation indicates a ‘doing’.  However, once I have achieved a level of calm within the meditation itself – once I am in my sacred place – I become more of who I am at the core of my Being. I no longer need to meditate. I am my Self within the meditation – I have become all that I AM. I have returned to a state of being – that of a Human who is, in the moment, Being her truest self.

I found a wise and wonderful article written by Evita Ochel back in December 2008 which discusses the differences between a Human Being and a Human Doing. She goes into detail about the Doing Illusion in our society today. I really resonated well with the following aspect of the article:

Our Natural State – the State of “Being”

The truth is that NOTHING needs to be done. You just need to “be” – be in a state that brings you the most joy, happiness, peace, love, etc. If per say baking does that for you then wonderful! I have experienced many people baking out of a state of “being” rather than “doing.” In fact you can even easily tell on yourself which state you are acting out of, depending on how you feel about a particular task or choice.

If you are singing merrily as you drive your car to the grocery store amidst the traffic, rather than huffing and puffing for all these people to get out of your way – then you are in a state of being.

If you are strolling the stores excitedly looking for unique gift ideas, rather than complaining how many gifts you still have to buy – then you are in a state of being.

If you are cooking new dishes with fun and flair, rather than worrying over the stove if they are going to turn out – then you are in a state of being.

If you are playing with your kids or enjoying time alone, rather than being stressed over how much more needs to be done – then you are in a state of being.

The examples are countless. The bottom line is that whatever you are doing whether during this holiday season or any other time of the year:

May it be coming from your heart and showering love on all that it touches!

May it be coming from your soul and bringing peace and tranquillity to all those who share in it!

And may it be coming from your most highest self and shining as the brightest light [ … ] illuminating the magnificence of what it really means to be a “human being!”

May you create a week with a balance of Being and Doing that pleases you. May your natural state be revealed in its purest form, bringing immense joy, peace, love, laughter, spontaneity, playfulness and creativity into your human experience.

In Light and Laughter,



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