She Says – A Magical Life

Hello Dear Ones!

Having read our preamble and the title to this page, you already realize that Magic is our topic. If only you could see our life – my life – through your own eyes! It would amaze and astound you! But then, I too would be amazed and astounded should I ever have the privilege of seeing your world through my eyes …

Each of us lives a magical life. What do you mean, you don’t agree? How could you not? Did you not awaken this morning to the magic of feeling your first breath of the day? Did you not have the ability to stretch those amazing limbs of yours that supported you as you swung your legs over the edge of the bed to place your feet upon the floor and to support yourself as you stood? Was it not magic that had you rummaging through cupboards or the refrigerator for the food that would feed and nourish your body?

What do you mean, you don’t see this as magic? Do you have the ability to physically cause your body to breathe? Can you stop breathing and still live? Isn’t it marvelous? Isn’t it absolutely magical?

There are marvels and wonders in this physical world we live in that we apparently have no control over, and yet these simple daily expectations – the sun that shines, the wind that blows, the air we breathe, the plants that grow, the people in our lives who love us, and yes, even those who most challenge us – are all magical expressions of life. Depending on your spiritual and philosophical bent, you may say that God, the Universe, All That Is has created all of this beauty. Some, as perceived co-creators of this physical experience, would say they, in combination with All That Is, has brought all of this into reality for their own enjoyment. Both are true. As such it is even more magical to conceive of this life created by God and in combination with your own higher self. Can your physical self create the body you inhabit? Nope. Did you physically create the life that is you? Nope. The world in which you live?  Nope. The people with whom you interact, did you create them physically?  Nope. The food you consume that nourishes your body for energy? Nope.

Sure, we humans may plant the seed, but did we physically create the life within the seed that sprouts when nestled within the warm, moist, nurturing environment of the Earth herself? Nope. Yet the growth of a full sized plant – whether a huge Sequioia or a tiny violet – it’s magic! If you were to know the hidden inner secrets of a wee seed, would it still remain magical to you? Not likely. Once we know – it’s no longer magic. It becomes science, placing it in the category of an understandable selection of molecules following patterns and behaving in specific and predetermined ways. Where’s the magic in that? (Though I have to admit that I’d find something magical even at the deepest level beyond my human eye’s ability to view the tiny microscopic wonder of scientific discoveries … quantum theory, for example, as a theory, absolutely fascinates and delights me – there is such magic in that potential concept of life!!!!!)

Me, I’d prefer to see my world through the eyes of the child within me. Children see all of the world through eyes that recognize the magic of their very existence. Everything is here for their amusement and their awe. Everything is magical. Magic is expected. Because it is expected, for a child magic is found everywhere – no exceptions!

That’s how I live my life every day – with magic found everywhere – no exceptions! Well, truth be told, almost everywhere. I have my days and my moments when there are stressors and when I feel my life isn’t going the way I had hoped or planned or intended – and I’m not certain if the way it’s going is the direction I’m wanting to take in the moment. But that’s only when I want to know the ‘HOW’s of it all. I want control. And when I want control, the magic leaves. Simple formulas.  Magic = Freedom to accept. Maybe even: Magic = Freedom to Live, truly! At least for me this is true!

A few fun examples – magic in the life of Marcia Nelson Pedde:

* I’ve written here before about the magic of the Red Scarf encounter. That was the first time I discovered I could ask for a specific magical encounter and actually receive  my request!

* Seeing the colour purple fluttering in a place that logically purple should not been seen – on the ashphalt of a local parking lot … and then watching in slow motion as the colour wavers into a shape – at first indistinct and then as a rectangle. Paper. A $10 bill! (BTW: Canadian $10 bills are primarily purple.)

* Out in the country one June, walking for the enjoyment of the evening. Just coming up to dusk. The fireflies (lightening bugs to some) are starting to communicate one with the other as they do each year at this time. Within minutes there are thousands of tiny sparks of light blinking on and off all over the field. I’m standing there going: “WoW!” That’s magic enough in my mind and I’m joyously happy with the encounter as it unfolds. And then … I see a blinking light twinkle on the road just ahead of me by a few paces. I move slowly toward it. A firefly is walking along the same path I am taking. I lean down to observe more closely. I place my hand out in front of it to encourage it to move over to the side of the road away from traffic that may squish it. Does the firefly move away at my request? Not on your life! It promptly walks onto my very hand! Now that is magic! I was giggling like a child, tears and joy and emotion so raw, so full, so je ne sais quoi!

* I had the privilege of sitting in the low slung arm of a giant cedar tree. The branch was curved up in a way that I was able to rest as though a child in the arms of a grandparent. I lay there savouring the rest and the gentleness of the energy I could feel right to the core of my being. It was then I heard it – the voice. I was hearing a song – clearly. It was a lullaby. I could hear the grandmother tree singing me a lullaby. Magic! Awesome!

* Simpler examples from my typical days are the magical ones many of you may think of in your own days (and if you don’t think like this, my goodness, why ever not?):  the perfect parking spot right at the door to the store you’re inspired to peek into; feeling the urge to go outside just as the most amazing rainbow fills the sky, and your vision ,with its beauty; the friend whose face pops into your mind just moments before the phone rings and their voice breaks the barrier of distance between you; the very magical and amazing fact that I can type here and tell you a story that you can read easily from anywhere in the world you may be – via the web … MAGIC!

Living simply and purely, like a child, allows the ease and flow of magic in even the most ordinary of daily events. If everything is seen from this place, this space, the gratitude within you comes bubbling up from within you and it spews forth in ways that allow your eyes to sparkle, your heart to sing, and the magic to flow fuller, faster and more regularly right in front of you. Do your eyes see it? Or does the magic pass you by because your eyes are focussed on this problem or that fear or this worry or that obligation? Do you miss what is always there for your simple pleasure and amazement? Do you ‘see’ this or that and, rather than acknowledging it as the magic that it is, take it for granted? Has your vision been tarnished with the stressors of life? How long has it been since you last spontaneously said ‘WoW!’? If you don’t remember or can’t recall, then it’s been way too long.

Most young children don’t have the worries we adults have. They have food prepared and served for them. They have a place to lay their heads at night; no bills to pay; no job to go to daily; no fears to face. Am I saying that I live my life like that? Yes. That is exactly what I’m saying. I leave all the particulars of my own nurturing  to God, Source, the Universe, All That Is to parent me – when I’m not trying to be the grown up adult who controls her life. When I pretend to be an adult I step away from seeing the magic all around me. When I step into my day by accepting and appreciating every breath I take; being grateful to my incredible body for carrying me from place to place; happy with my eyes for allowing me to see the most amazing world about me; glad of all of my senses for what they do and how they do it for the benefit of my experience – without having to know the ‘HOW’s of it all … merely knowing it is all there for my total enjoyment, appreciating the gift of it, honouring the Source from which it comes and not wasting a single moment of all of the potential each day has to offer.

Yes, to quote the title of my dear friend Samantha Standish’s blog post: I am Pollyanna. I’ve also spoken of this childlike, Pollyanna  quality of mine that I express daily in my life in The Stories I Tell Myself from a few weeks ago. I also appreciate Samantha’s wisdom in her post on Loving Life or Fearing Life. It’s a quick read and I think it applicable to what I’m writing about here today. (Thanks, Samantha!)

Travel light, Dear Ones! Place your fears and worries in the hands of whatever power greater than yourself you may believe in. Truly it’s worth letting go. The result is that you will see more and more magic unfolding in your life. And rather than merely finding yourself acknowledging that ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – you’ll find yourself consistently in awe while honouring and marvelling that you live ‘ A Magical Life!’

Savour every moment – it is your life, after all …

In Light and Laughter,



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