He Says – Universal *Boinks*

Hi Folks:

A Seth quote to get us started, from one of the earliest ESP classes:

“I am here merely to show you I am here. I am not here to prove anything. I am here because you wish me to be here, and I am a kindly old gentleman. I have said this before – I am indeed repeating myself. However, it is no coincidence that you should hear me speak and that we have been drawn together. All of you are aware that there are realities that you cannot see or touch and you are all willing – you are reaching out. If you were not, I would not be here this evening.

“You must all remember questions you had when children, and you must never stop asking questions. You must ask yourself where I came from and what my presence has to do with you. I have been where you are. I have been young and old; as I have existed you shall exist. You must develop your abilities now.

“I know about all of you. It is because you want to know that I am here. There are many truths you know that you are not aware of. Be still and listen to your inner voice. You are too busy with exterior things.

“If there is one thing only I could tell you it would be this. Be still – listen – listen to the voices within you that you have not listened to. You have lived many lives. Some of you will live more lives in this reality. You have gained much wisdom, but you do not listen. I am here, and because I am here I tell you that your own inner self does continue to exist, and as I teach others now, so shall you also be witnesses of the existence of All That Is. You must face yourself now. You cannot afford to play overlong – to hide yourself in trivia – to become so busy that you cannot hear the truth that shouts within you. I know what the transition is like and I tell you it is pleasant – but your responsibilities will still exist, and you will ask yourself how you have fulfilled them. You must know yourself if you would help others. You must look inward and listen.” ~ ESP Class, December 26, 1967.

The basis of all religions, I think, stems from a yearning to connect to that which we believe to be greater than us.  Some call this force God or Allah or Brahmā, some relate to the spirit that moves in all things, and some stare through telescopes and wonder at the vastness of space.  And we each have our own ideas of what it means to connect to this force in some personal way, whether we believe we have a personal connection to our ‘God’ or whether we believe ourselves one small voice in the vastness of All That Is.

For myself, I’ve exhausted countless hours over the years seeking my own connections to the Divine.  At times I’ve listened carefully for that inner voice.  At times I’ve gone through a process of doubting myself, wondering whether what I heard was indeed from my ‘Iinner Being’ or the product of an overactive imagination.  In the past thirty years or so I’ve met with some very talented people who could enter a trance state and offer messages – from guides, angels, beings from other dimensions or simply ‘Source’.  I’ve also seen people go from one channel to another, looking for the one who would tell them what they wanted to hear.  Fortunately the universe is big enough for everyone.

As the years have passed and my understandings of my Self have grown, my perspectives on all of this have changed considerably.  Part of this understanding has come from teachers like Seth, Abraham-Hicks, Gradius and Ragon, Ramtha, Bashar and a number of others.  Part of this understanding has come from others like myself who have attempted to make sense of this knowledge and of their own mental wanderings.  And a part of it has come from simply listening to myself, to my thoughts, ideas, dreams, desires, intuitions and beliefs.  In every moment I’ve carried a sense of discernment – not to determine whether any given idea is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but simply to determine whether or not it is ‘right’ for me, for now.  Seeking ‘absolute truth’ can be a very narrow path.

What I can say from my own experience is that my inner voice usually speaks softly, and it is easy for an overactive mind to drown out this voice.  That’s not to say that we need to subjugate our conscious selves, putting a chokehold on the ‘ego’ so as to be able to hear.  I was told to do essentially that early on in my wanderings and it took me decades to get beyond it.  All we really need is an ability to relax with and within our own Being and a willingness to be open to who and what we are.  For some people meditation works well.  For others opening comes through something like yoga or t’ai chi.  For me, I find that quiet thoughts often come to me in the shower (when I’m not singing, of course).  But what works really well for me is to simply have a ‘conversation’ with myself.  As the saying goes, “I talk to myself all the time.  You deal with a better class of person, there are no arguments, and if there’s a controversial subject you just don’t bring it up.”

When I have an insight that’s trying to work it’s way into my awareness I’ll get a nagging feeling about something and I’ll go out for a long walk – usually but not always at night.  As I walk I’ll just talk around whatever it is I’m thinking/ feeling – either out loud (if I’m out at night and there’s nobody around) or simply to myself.  I make no effort to edit or judge what comes to mind, I simply give voice to what comes and there inevitably comes a point where an insight or an answer will simply pop up.  Often I’m not even aware of the significance of this new idea until I give ‘voice’ to it.  It’s like Archimedes’ ‘Eureka’ moment, every time.  As to ‘where’ the information comes from – from an outside ‘Source’, from the subconscious, from the voice of the wind, from ‘God’ – I have only two questions.  Does the answer or insight make sense?  If it does, then does the ‘Source’ really matter?  We are all ‘One’ after all.


“I am trying to tell you that if you look inward, and study your own sacredness and creativity and blessedness, and joy and power, as closely as you study the sacred books of the gods, then you would realize that all those books of the gods were based upon the greater reality of the individual — the individual soul. and therefore based upon your own reality. Do yourselves just honor …” ~ Conversations with Seth, November 06, 1973.


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