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In our beginning post for this week we added in a Seth quote on objects as symbols.  Before I go on I wanted to add in another quote, this one from the consciouscreation.com writings:

“Perhaps you should, for the time being, take every thought which suggests to you a limitation or a reminder of an experience which “proves out” a limitation, and simply assign it with the label “belief.” Imagine if you were to look at your whole world this way – every single thing in it is only in it to the extent that you believe that it is. You believe your car is parked outside and so it is. You believe you are currently focused in Washington State in the United States of America and so you are. This would be closer to the truth then the assigning of any experience as fact. And if you can perceive ALL of your experience this way, then it is not so difficult to expand your experience to include those things you want, you seek, you desire, to the long list of things that you are already experiencing as a result of your beliefs!

For is it not true that physical objects are more spacious than object? Is it not true that the molecules within physical objects are made up of particles vastly smaller than the distance of space between them? And is it not true that the computer you type upon is more space than computer? And yet you BELIEVE in it, and so it works. Listen to the rational mind now. The rational mind says, “This is lunacy.” The rational mind says, “There IS a computer on the desk.” And you smile at the rational mind and say, “Belief!” Apply this EVERYWHERE. Apply this in every moment. And in every thought. You will see that everything works much more easily from this perspective.

All of your coincidences make perfect sense – how else could it occur but in the way which you BELIEVE, and in a way which SHOWS you what you believe. You believe in telepathy? You experience telepathy! You believe in creation, you experience creation! You believe in limitation? You experience limitation! This is the sum total of your life experience! So rather than trying to sort out the underlying beliefs, why not simply admit that it’s ALL beliefs. The cars on the street, the birds in the trees, the bunnies on the lawn, all belief. All you, creating, to show you yourself. All belief! Who are you? Who do you believe you are? Imagine that the truth is that you do NOT exist. That this is simply a void space which you have filled with your imagination and you have filled it SO well that you have believed that your creation is REAL. But there is nothing here.

There is nothing here but YOU. All of you. Experiencing all of you. And calling it real. And no amount of evidence that you pile up will change it! Ask yourself when you’re dreaming, when you’re caught up in the drama of a dream, do you not feel the ground under your feet? Do you not experience the reality of the dream? You have trained yourselves so well in this dream of physical reality that you hardly EVER allow yourselves to experience the KNOWING that it is your creation, that it IS your dream. Sometimes, in your dream states, you will remember you are dreaming and you will say, “Oh, this is a dream. Oh, I can change this if I want to because this is a dream.” See if you can do it in your physical reality dream! The nature of the dreams are the same. “This is a dream. I can change it if I want to.” And change it. In the dreams, you never ask yourselves, “Oh, HOW will I change it??? Oh, how will I make it happen?” You are not helpless; it is YOUR dream. You say to yourself, “This is a dream, I can change it!” – and you change it!

Choose. Act from the place within yourself that knows and request the rational mind to participate in the uncovering of the beliefs. And the selection of new choices. Let the rational mind tell you all of the things it wants, and then give it to them – give it to yourself. Now, perhaps, some of you are going to be very frustrated with us. And with yourselves. Perhaps once again we will be accused of saying things so directly that are so simple and yet which you will lament are so difficult to achieve. We are smiling as we remind you that this is a belief. PLAY with your lives. After all, what is the WORST consequence possible? You will DIE and wake up from the dream. And perhaps you will do this before you do what you are so sure you want to do. You will lose your love; you will lose your grand idea.

Choose. And remember that the fastest way to lose your love or grandest idea is to forget that this IS the dream. Do not be afraid. Take your grandest visions of yourselves and create them! For what else could you possibly be here to do? And what risk are you taking? None! The only real risk is that you fail to seek, to be, the grandest vision of yourself. The rest is all details. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, earlier, later.”

Okay, I’m back… and I find myself completely without anything to say.  Not the first time; likely not the last either.  So, I’ll just do what I generally do in cases like this – babble along and see if anything interesting comes out.

In our beginning post we asked that if our world is completely symbolic, who then are the symbol makers?  We are, of course, but maybe not the ‘we’ that we may consider ourselves to be.  Such ideas are everywhere today, or at least more prevalent than they were even a decade ago.  It brings up the question, who are we, really?  Speaking for myself, I am a fully aware, strong, powerful, multidimensional spiritual being.  And so are you.  That thought may be liberating, or it may be terrifying.  It’s been both for me over the years, but mostly the former.  It means that I get to accept both the joy and the responsibility for everything that I experience.  At times that can seem daunting, but it’s also very freeing.  Gone is the ability to blame fate, or chance or some distant ‘God’ for the perceived negative events of my life, although at times I’ve done my best to allay blame elsewhere anyway.  Never works.

More important to me than the symbols themselves are the meanings behind the symbols, and this has been the focus of much of my journey.  It’s interesting to look back over the years (hindsight is always 20:20) and see how clearly the events and experiences of my life have represented where I was within myself at the time.  There’s a sense of power in that – not power in terms of having power over someone else, but power in terms of being able to chart my own course, make my own decisions about where I lead my life.

Okay, I’m not coming up with anything to say, so I’m going to do something that I’ve not done here before, and I’m going to let those who guide me have their say:

Greetings, Michael, and thank you for coming to us again at this time.  Your seeking of us is always appreciated.  Regarding the symbology of your plane of existence, it is important to understand, as you have recorded, that everything in your existence is symbolic of your own thoughts, ideas, dreams, worries and fears, written upon the pages of your days.  Here you will find representations of your highest accomplishments and your greatest desires.  Here also do you most distinctly separate that which you perceive to be ‘real’ – meaning that which is physical – and that which is not.  Understand that no such separation exists.  Some of you, those who delve into such things as quantum physics have begun to map that which is beyond your physical perception and at those scales they are discovering that which has long been known – that all Is. You tend to associate your inner reality with those concepts that you view as esoteric, and separate them from those which may be seen, may be touched, may be held.  What must be understood is that the inner reality – the world of your imagination, of your dreams, of thoughts and emotions is the wellspring from which your physical world erupts.  This happens in such a seamless manner that for the most part you are unaware of this continual refreshing of your world, and yet it must be said that your world is completely recreated in every moment of your time.  Your scientists will look and fail to see beyond the prejudices of their own perceptions, not understanding that the instruments with which they seek to measure have been designed to represent their own limiting thoughts and therefore do their job admirably.  Only by seeking to see beyond the veil of your perceptions will you truly come to see the world as it is – an interconnected framework of desire and intention.  It is this energy of intention that literally creates the world that you know, a coming together of energy into matter that is so profound, so beautifully intricate that one tiny glimpse of it would change your perceptions of the world forever.

In coming to understand the meaning of your own personal symbology you come to know yourself as you Are.  You can no longer hide from yourself in delusion, in blindness of that which is so clearly yours.  Within this awakening you also come to understand choice, for it is your choice and yours alone that forms the world you experience.  You may see this is as a great responsibility or a great joy – in truth it is both – but in accepting such you must also redefine your understanding of responsibility.  The word has come to mean that which much be taken on, must be shouldered as burden, but that is not its intention.  Responsibility means simply the power to choose, the ability to differentiate that which is preferred from that which is not.  There are no inherent ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ in such choices.  All is truth, and any ‘seeming’ contradictions are simply that.  As you expand your understanding of yourself as you Are, you literally transform the extent of the reality in which you have your experience.  It may be commonly thought that all share one common existence; this is so, but also not.  We are not intending to be cryptic, only that at times we find your words limiting.

Among many it is thought that this level of existence, this dimension of reality is for those who are in the ‘kindergarten’ of experience.  This is not so.  It is true that those who operate in your plane of reality are learning to use the energy that is All in effective ways but it is more so that those who occupy this plane have an interest in working with the ideas of symbology in concrete terms.  You have an affinity for it, and a desire to experience the limitness of All That Is from a specific perspective.  That, in essence, is why you are here.  In coming to know yourself you will come to understand more completely the contents of your own mind, the essence of your own thoughts and desires as you project them out into your reality.  We would add that because of your understanding of time it may seem to you that the objects and events of your experience must necessarily represent that which was rather than that which is, but this is not so.  Again, it is a matter of perception only.  All begins from inner reality and is written upon your dimension of existence as you write upon this screen.  Are the letters on this screen of yours not symbolic representations for that which you are thinking in this moment?

While it is common to see the symbols of your reality as hard, as fixed, as unchanging, if they are it is only because you imagine them to be so.  In changing your thoughts you create a different reality.  Still, most are not yet ready to experience a reality where the symbology of their reality shifts unsteadily.  It is this illusion of constancy that provides them with the stability they seek, feeling, ‘Now that I have this I may add this or that.’  If one was to knock down their tower of blocks they would be at a loss to begin again.

There is more we could add, but for this time we feel that this is sufficient for your purposes.  Know you are loved.

Well, there’s not much I can add to that!



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P.S.   From Seth:

“Master events are those whose main activity takes place in inner dimensions. Such events are too multidimensional to appear clearly in your reality, so that you see or experience only parts of them. They are source events. Their main thrust is in what you can call the vaster dimension of dreams, the unknown territory of inner reality. The terms you use make no difference. The original action, however, of such events is unmanifest – not physical. Those events then ‘subsequently’ show themselves in time and space, with extraordinary results.” ~ Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2, session 919.