He Says – The Sandbox

Hi Folks:

This week’s topic of ‘The Sandbox’ comes from a thought that rose up in my mind yesterday afternoon as I wound my way down to the grocery store.  I often find that when my mind is quiet – when I’m walking, reading, or in the shower say, that the many disparate ideas and intuitions I have floating around find a way to coalesce.  This was one of them, although it’s going to require some explanation.

Seth once said that each of us experiences our own interpretation of reality, so that if there are two people in a room there are actually four people and two rooms.

”Each person experiences a unique reality, different from any other individual’s.” ~ Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality, session 614.

For ‘you’ and ‘me’ for example, there’s your view of me, your view of yourself, my view of you, and my view of myself.  It’s not quite that simple of course, because collectively we form a mass reality as well as our individual experiences of it.  Still it got me thinking, and it’s a path I’ve trodden before.  While I won’t lay claim for the basis or existence of every object in my experience, one thing that Seth stresses over and over is that objects are symbols of ideas.  We see objects as solid, permanent and ourselves as impermanent beings being whisked through life on a current of time, yet the reverse is true.  We form the objects of our lives, although for the most part we are not consciously aware of ‘how’ we do this.  For now, we’ll simply accept this as true – a concept, if nothing else.

Following on this idea (and it may be a house of cards we’re building, but I don’t think so), then every object in our individual experience is ‘ours’ in that we have created its presence.  Our visual and tactile experience, that these objects are ‘real’, bring with them other ideas of possession, of law, of societal structure – that car belongs to my neighbour for example, thence it can’t be ‘mine’.  That sort of thing.  But I’m going to leave that alone for a moment and carry on because what I’m talking about is something else.  Let’s take an idea where my neighbour and I agree that he ‘owns’  this vehicle, and in our common understanding I create my own vision, my own image or symbol of ‘his’ car.  The car may be his, but the ‘reality’ of it is mine.

If we were to veer off into quantum mechanics we could break down the car, the street, the earth and everything else physical into quantum fields: smaller than atoms and able to exist as both ‘matter’ (particles) and ‘energy’ (waves), transforming back and forth at will.  Seth refers to these quantum fields or something similar as CUs – Consciousness Units, and perhaps the greatest difference between Seth’s and the scientists’ views is that CUs contain conscious awareness.  Every part contains the whole.  The ordered accumulation of these quantum fields joining into atoms, atoms into molecules and molecules into structures literally create the very reality that we know.  And each of us experiences a unique reality, created by our Selves, with the cooperation of those around us.

So, taking the idea that we each create our own experience of reality, then everything I experience in my reality is, in a way, ‘mine’.  I’m not talking about ‘possession’ as we generally think about it, but an object of creation.  Take a lump of clay and form it into an object – any object.  The design of that object is yours and yours alone.  It doesn’t matter who ‘owns’ the clay, for your ability to form it is yours alone.  What you make of it is yours also.  Expand that out and everything in your world is your creation – brought into form through methods of which you’re not aware – but your creation nonetheless

Now let’s assume for a moment that we’re not talking about clay but energy, energy that may be formed into matter of any form.  And since this is an infinite universe, an infinite reality, then the amount of energy available to each of us and our ability to fold and manipulate this energy into form are also infinite.  Seth speaks of this often, but I’m not going to include all of the relevant sections here.  Read his books and you’ll come to your own understandings.

If you’re still following along with me, that brings us back to the sandbox.  I’m reasonably certain you haven’t made the same mental leap that I have, but that’s okay.  I’ll explain as I go along…

The thought that came to me yesterday was a vision of a huge pile of sand.  Incredibly large.  And each of us has our own sand pile to play with that is unique to us alone.  I can’t access anyone else’s pile of sand, and they have no access to mine.  These sand piles can’t even be seen or experienced by others because we each create this pile of sand we have before us.  And yet… and yet, what came to me was of this huge pile of sand, I’ve taken only a bucketful to use and have limited myself to that.  I’ve been playing with only this small amount of sand, telling myself to be content with it, despite the fact that there is the huge pile of sand behind it.  Being mine and mine alone to play with, none of the arguments that I might dream up as to why I might have to do this will fit.  I don’t have to worry about there being enough for others, since the amout of energy available to each of us is infinite.  I don’t have to ‘share’ this, because it would be impossible anyway.  We each have our own.  I don’t have to ‘save it up’, because the amount that is available is infinite and won’t ever leave.  For each question I asked myself, finally I came to find there was no answer.  It was, like so many things, something I’ve done primarily if not solely because that’s what I was taught to believe. When looked at objectively, all of the ‘reasons’ become shadows, disincarnate.  They simply fade away.

Something I mentioned to Marcia recently is that I’ve found much of my learning of late to be an ‘un-learning’ of what I once thought to be true.  One of the most powerful things I’ve ever been told by those who guide me is to ‘relax, let go, and let Source carry me’.  It’s very simple in statement, but every time I come back to it I find more I can let go, new ways to relax within the infinity of my own Being.

And with that I said to my Self, “Well, let’s dive into this sand pile then!  I want to experience ALL of it, pushing it around, tossing it about and playing with great abandon.”  It is the inner self that creates the physical reality that the outer self experiences, but the outer self that instructs the inner self what to create.  In any event, all I have is ‘me’.  With that in mind, I’m looking forward to the adventure as never before!



Here’s something from the Conscious Creation writings that fits in with this as well:

“Let us see if we can come up with a demonstration for you of this. Imagine you are a fish in a fish bowl. And the fish bowl is within a large tank of water. You as the creators have changed the color of the water in the tank. The water in the bowl will change, it has no choice. So in this sense, if you will recall long ago, you were given an analogy about a box. And you laughed heartily over the idea of those beings who would uphold the idea of the box long after the box had disappeared. Well, laugh heartily, my friends, because the box is no longer with us.”

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