He Says – ‘Insights’ from The Celestine Prophecy

Hi Folks:

If you haven’t read the opening post for this week’s ‘He Says, She Says…‘, basically Marcia and I recently watched the DVD version of the movie ‘The Celestine Prophecy‘ and it sparked some new thoughts for each of us.  We thought we’d share them here.

For me, there was really one idea in the movie that captured my interest.  One of the first ‘insights’ from the book is that people have forgotten their affiliation with the infinite Source that they are.  Because of this sense of ‘loss’, people use several strategies to try to steal attention and energy from other people instead.  The answer to this dilemma is to remember your own universal affiliation and to give rather than trying to take.  That’s grossly oversimplified, but it will do for now.

That idea stirred some memories in me because when I was younger I would only allow myself to give.  I wouldn’t allow anyone (hardly ever) to give anything to me, but I gave and gave of myself until I had nothing left.  I’d have to go away and recharge somewhere until I was okay to go again, and then I’d repeat the pattern.  Sometimes in healings I’d be so drained from the process that I could barely stand.  I remember in a channeling session I attended once that the Source spoke of giving universal energy so that “ye would not be so out of thyself ripped.” as they put it.  Unfortunately, at the time being a conduit wasn’t something I was very good at.

So, when I saw that section of the movie some resistance flared up inside me because of this memory that I used to give and give and everyone else took and took.  Sensing that resistance, I knew I had to readdress this issue from a different perspective.  A few days ago there was an e-mail in my Inbox from Rhonda Byrne of ‘The Secret‘ saying that whatever we want for ourselves, we should also want for others.  The idea is that by doing so we have six billion people wanting for us instead of one.  I understand the intention behind the statement, but I disagree – somewhat at least.  We shouldn’t want what we want for others, we should encourage others to receive what they want.  In a different channeling session with the same Source mentioned above I was once told, “Ye would want to help everyone, but there are those who need their pain…”  Pain is not something I would ever wish on anyone else, but I do have to allow others to experience it if they so choose.  Maybe the best I can do in that situation is to send them loving intention, secure in the knowledge that they will make use of it if and when they’re ready to receive it.

So, I would suggest that we all let all of our wishes be fulfilled.  If everyone worked on that basis, then I would encourage everyone else to receive what they’ve asked for, and everyone (including me) would encourage me to receive whatever it is I’ve asked for.  It’s a subtle shift, but it gives everyone the freedom to experience what they’ve chosen for themselves, with loving encouragement from everyone else.

That’s brought me to a different place in thinking about giving.  Before, I wouldn’t allow myself to receive and I felt that others would only take.  Within those set parameters, that’s exactly the world I created for myself.  However, a world where everyone feels and understands their own infinity, where everyone allows the flow of Universal loving energy to come through them and out into our shared reality is a very different world indeed.  In this world everyone gives, everyone offers loving support and encouragement for the choices made by each.  That’s a world I would like to inhabit.  I don’t have to create that probable reality; it already exists.  I don’t even have to move myself into it.  All I need to do is to follow the path before me, be who I am and I will find myself where I desire to be.  I like it!!



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