He Says – A Magical Life

Hi Folks:

So… what does it mean to live a magical life? In the consciouscreation.com writings, it says:

“You can ask yourself at any moment and know the truth. And if you will, once having asked this question, ask yourself further, “Beliefs, show yourselves to me, which create this truth in this moment” – they will be plainly evident. So long as you remember that they are NOT facts, but only beliefs. This is a game you have played with yourselves for eons. For if you ask yourself at any moment to look beyond what you KNOW to ask what you know ABOUT what you know, you will know instantly in what frame of mind, in what probable reality, in what reference point to the higher self you presently reside. And then you may choose. If you do not wish to reside where you are, then you may choose to reside somewhere else.

The greatest obstacle for you is that your rational mind will tell you, does tell you, continually tells you that this is not possible, precisely because the rational mind interprets all experience as FACT. “Water boils at 212 degrees. The air has oxygen in it, which you breathe. The earth has an atmosphere that keeps you alive. Your current position and the past that brought you to it have complete control over your present moment and any future moments. Everything is predictable. There is no such thing as creation. Or if there is, it is not reliable.€ Be clear. This IS the common belief system in which you operate. Every belief you hold, nourish, or contemplate outside of this system, must be uniquely strengthened. Must be cherished. Must be properly maintained, and protected. This is the task you have chosen. To live the magical in the world of the mundane.

You know in your hearts that you are unwilling to succumb to the mundane. You know in your hearts that you have chosen this challenge because you needed to restore your faith in yourselves, and in the never-ending creative process from which you spring. For you could not, through your rational mind, endeavor to accomplish any of the things which you hold important – you could not write, you could not sing, you could not paint, and you certainly could not create your reality.”

In one way it seems magic has always been a part of my life. My dad was an amateur magician when I was growing up – performing at parties and the occasional stage show. Of course that kind of magic is sometimes called ‘illusion’, ‘sleight of hand’, or the ever popular ‘prestidigitation’. At one point I was quite proficient at card tricks myself, although I never quite got to the level of being able to separate face cards from non-face cards because they use more ink in face cards (yes, there is someone who can do this).

Bu I don’t want to talk about that kind of magic today, as entertaining as it can be. The thing with magic ‘tricks’ is that once one knows the trick to it, the illusion of the magic is lost. What I want to talk about is the magic that sits within, surrounds and pervades everyday life. Funny, as I write this Marcia and I are listening to Don Jackson on iTunes; in this episode Don is talking about synchronicity, coincidence and the like (September 29, 2009). Is this a special kind of magic? Can anyone access it? As part of his show Don is discussing ‘When God Winks‘ by Squire Rushnell, but these ideas always get me thinking of Sue Watkins instead, and her book, ‘What a Coincidence! The Wow Factor in Synchronicity and What it Means in Everyday Life‘.

When I was much younger I lived in a world of magic, adventure, imagination and possibility. Here lay real magic, because in my imagination I could be anything, go anywhere, accomplish both great and wonderful things, and live my life to the fullest. Yes, I was a dreamer. Thankfully I still am.

If you’ve read my ‘Mike’s Writings‘ posts here on this blog, you’ll know something about my life and my pursuit of both spirituality and science. At various points in my life I felt like I had split myself in two – the scientific me and the spiritual me. Still, I also felt there had to be a link between those two, a bridge that would cover the gap between them. I just had to find it. Magic was missing from my life at those times, and it was something I desperately wanted to recapture. I wasn’t the only one looking for this of course. Physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf is one person who’s done a lot to link science and spirituality.

The fortunate thing with magic is that it never really leaves you… You can turn away from it, pretend it doesn’t exist, but magic is a true friend and will stick with you no matter what. When I opened myself back to the magic in my life, I found it was there waiting for me. Looking back over my life I could see it never left. We have other words for this magic: health, wisdom, love, happiness, wealth, joy, coincidence, harmony, peace, spontaneity, abundance, spirituality, prosperity, synchronicity and more. Of all of them, if I could choose only one, I’ve always said that I would choose synchronicity. I’ve written before that my epitaph should read, “This was someone who asked for what he wanted out of life and was constantly surprised when it arrived!” That’s the beauty of synchronicity to me. When I walk a magical path there’s an ease to life. Things just happen. I had a staff member once who used to burst out giggling at seemingly random moments. I asked her once what was so funny and she replied, “I don’t know. They just build up!” Synchronicity is a lot like that too. Again from consciouscreation.com:

“It’s interesting to note that when you no longer require the complications of mental entanglements, things just drop naturally into place. Everything happens with a kind of ease. The ease itself is the nature of the new creation. Stepping into the natural flow, understanding how Framework 2 (Potentiality) surrounds and encompasses Framework 1 (Physical Manifestation/Reality), and allowing your knowingness to move easily within the larger framework. This is the realm of true magic.”

As I began this post I thought to write about some of the synchronistic moments that have happened in my life. There have been so many it’s hard to choose. At one point in our lives Marcia and I invested six weeks looking for a new place to live, checking classified ads and driving around from place to place. Nothing clicked. Marcia had an idea to put up some ads of our own in the area, and within an hour of putting up a notice at a local grocery store, we received a call from our landlady to be. She and her family are dear people, and we remain in touch to this day. On another occasion (see ‘The Dangers of Planting Bulbs‘ for more on our ‘moves’) we were at a friend’s place for the weekend when we suddenly had to leave and go home. Upon our arrival we discovered an advertisement for what became our new home. I was once in Ottawa one day, in Toronto the next morning and in Thunder Bay that night, on my way to the small town of Beardmore, ON and the beginning of a work contract that lasted over a year and took me to three different provinces. My meeting with Marcia, on a hillside at sunrise (in nine days it will be sixteen years) may be attributed to coincidence or Providence, but our life together is, and continues to be, magic.

I’m going to leave the last word to Seth.


…magic is everywhere in the operation of your body, and in the operation of the world.

“My definition of magic is this: Magic is nature unimpeded, or magic is life unimpeded. It is true that your thoughts and emotions and beliefs form the reality that you experience – but it is also true that this creative construction is, in a manner of speaking, magically formed. That is, the construction of your body and the construction of a world are produced with the greatest combination of order and spontaneity – an order and spontaneity that seems hidden rather than apparent.” ~ The Way Toward Health, March 10, 1984.


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