Happy Canada Day!!

Hi Folks:

Today is officially our country’s birthday! We were a part of the Living Flag event here in Victoria for Canada’s 150th birthday a few years ago, and after the past couple of years it’s good to see the city starting to come to life again. People still need to be cautious, but people are being cautiously optimistic as well. Yes, we have challenges to overcome, both as a country and as a planet, but Canadians overall are quietly proud of who we are. We can’t forget the past, but we can move forward together.

2022 also marks the third Canada Day we haven’t been out with our Free Hugs posters (maybe next year) so we wanted to share an image with you from our first Canada Day Free Hugs session back in 2010. This was just three weeks after our first ever session, and we were already hooked!

Free Hugs on Canada Day

image © D. Gibson

Whatever Canada and Canada Day means to you, we encourage you to invest some time with loved ones!

Tomorrow (being the first Saturday in July) is International Free Hugs Day. If you’ve ever wondered why we have invested countless hours (over more than a decade), sharing hugs with locals and visitors from (at least) 88 countries, the image below sums it up pretty well. 🙂

Huge thanks to our friend D. who showed up on that day to make some images of us. Yes, in 2022 Marcia is more beautiful than ever, and Mike is (almost) as hairy.

Free Hugs on Canada Day

image © D. Gibson


P.S. A Canada Day message from our current Governor General, Mary Simon:

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