Reindeer on the Loose!!

Hi Folks:

Krinkles, Twinkles and Mrs. Claus

Krinkles, Twinkles and Mrs. Claus

This is Krinkles and Twinkles, and Mrs. Claus, of course.

Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends

They’re a pretty easy going group, and generally they like nothing more than meeting new friendly faces, like this! (He’s pretty friendly once you get to know him.)

One thing that Twinkles and Krinkles have discovered, however, is that (especially this time of year) some people seem to lose their smiles. So, Krinkles and Twinkles do what any self-respecting reindeer would do… They do their best to help people find their smiles again. Whenever this dynamic pair meet an old friend or a potential new one, they wave, dance about a bit and sometimes share a hug or a handshake with those who are willing. Most often people remember where they left their smiles and smile back. It’s always a treat to see someone rediscovering their smile. Sometimes people just look at them kind of funny… like they know they’ve forgotten something; they just can’t remember what it is. But the best kinds of people are those who look deeply into their eyes, uncertain that such fine reindeer would even notice them! Well, of course they do!! Uncertainty aside, those people have the best smiles of all.

Twinkles and Krinkles at the Children's Library

Twinkles and Krinkles at the Children’s Library

Children don’t seem to lose their smiles as often (or for as long) as most adults and they’re always fun to be with. Children know how to have a good time, and Krinkles and Twinkles always enjoy their company.

Tea Time!

Tea Time!

Of course, all of that wandering and waving is thirsty work! It’s important to schedule breaks into your day for a little tea, coffee, single-origin hot chocolate, cider, gingerbread reindeer… they’re not fussy. As long as they get the chance to raise a cup of cheer.

So, the next time you’re wandering downtown Victoria, if you happen to see a couple of dashing reindeer wandering about with two of their favourite peoples, be sure to stop and say hello. And thanks so much for sharing your smile! It looks beautiful on you!!

Twinkles and Krinkles and Friends

Twinkles and Krinkles and Friends

Krinkles and Twinkles and Mr. and Mrs. S.C.

P.S. You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen (and of course Rudolph). We’ve introduced you to Twinkles and Krinkles, but do you know the others, like Olive, Blizzard, Chet, Frankie or Buddy for example?

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  1. sumyanna

    Adorable! And thank you for the smile. I saw the title and then scrolled down to see their smiling faces . Always a joy to visit your blog!


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