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In January, 1908 Lord Robert Baden-Powell published the first installment of the handbook Scouting for Boys, successfully launching the Boy Scout movement in England. The Boy Scout movement began in the US in the following year and has since spread around the world. The Scout Motto (as any Scout can tell you) is Be Prepared. Lord Baden-Powell intended that every Scout should be prepared, both mentally and physically for any eventuality.

More than a century later, we have done much with these two words. We prepare ourselves for disaster, in our personal lives, in our cities and towns and in our countries. We stand ready to defend against invaders, ready to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters, and ready to do battle with those who might accost us in our personal and professional lives. Given the current torrent of natural disasters both in the US and abroad there seems little question that we were right to do so and the only question is what more we could or should have done.

That addresses one side of the idea; we’d like to explore the other for a moment. In our ant and grasshopper world we’ve invested countless hours, untold amounts of money and effort preparing for and dealing with the negative influences in our lives. While that is arguably a good idea, let me ask you this? Do you invest an equal amount of time and effort preparing for joy? Are you prepared for kindness? For love? For community? Or do you accept such things as haphazard, not to be relied upon, pleasant if present, but that expectation of same too often leads to disappointment? Are you prepared to be happy, or are you so worried that you won’t be or can’t be happy that you prepare yourself for the (eventual) alternative instead?

There are many answers to this, of course, and everyone of us must face it differently. Whether you believe your future is underlain by God, chance, fate, destiny or choice there remains at least one thing that you can choose. You can choose how to face the challenges in your life and how you engage those precious moments of connection. Choose love, often enough, and it becomes habit. As such, love begins to inform your perspective and as it does it affects not only what you see around you but how you see your world.

Just a little something to think about. It’s always a beautiful day. It’s only our perspective of it that changes, and perspective is everything. 🙂

Be Prepared for Joy

Be Prepared for Joy


4 Replies to “Be Prepared”

  1. dundot

    Be Prepared, is what caught my eye . When I was growing up I became a cub an then a scout and at the Jamboree in Edinburgh Scotland I was the only kid to win a Cooking badge , I baked a loaf of bread . one must remember these were times when food was rationed .The Scout motto has been with me all my life , today I seem to help more elderly than anything else ..Thanks for your thoughts Duncan G.

  2. sumyanna

    What beautiful thoughts – really enjoyed this one. I grew up striving to be a Brownie and then later a Girl Scout myself. I think that if more people asked themselves this question, perhaps we would get somewhere. We need to get back to the ideals we once cherished – and giving the respect that others deserve. When we are poised for good, we cannot help but be happy. A smile lends a smile lends a smile lends a smile. 🙂


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