Photo of the Month – Big Skies

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We thought we’d do a themed post for May’s images. Although Marcia is mostly renowned for her flower photography, she does in fact shoot a wide variety of other work as well! As we’re both big fans of clouds and cloud watching, we thought we’d use clouds as the basis for our photos of the month. Marcia’s first.

As mentioned in our last post, we went up to the Okanagan for Mother’s Day and before we flew back south we took a few minutes to head up to the top of Knox Mountain. Knox Mountain Park borders the edge of Lake Okanagan in the NW corner of Kelowna, and the views from the top are quite spectacular. One thing we noticed was that since there has been a lot of rain in the Okanagan this spring, there was an outbreak of Arrow-leaved Balsamroot flowers like we’ve never seen before! Ahem…back to clouds. Marcia selected this image from among those she made because of the edge framing by the two Ponderosa pine trees. It’s looking north up Lake Okanagan and there are some gorgeous clouds in the distance. There are a few balsamroot flowers at the base, but we won’t mention those… 😉

Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park

Back in Victoria, the Inner Harbour area seems to be a great gathering place for clouds – although often they join up most often more over the Upper Harbour Area. Mike’s image was taken from the area behind the old Customs House, looking north at the Blue Bridge and the approaching storm.

Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm

Okay, that’s it.

Now go out and make some photographs!



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