Happy Father’s Day!!

Hi Folks:

Today is Father’s Day, and as such today we celebrate fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, as well as all of those men (and women) who have stepped in as surrogates to fill the roles left open for them. We salute you all. Being a dad isn’t an easy prospect…nor is it meant to be.

Today is a bittersweet day for us as both Marcia’s father and Mike’s dad passed away last year, within a couple of months of each other. As such we were struggling a bit to come up with a way to honour our dads and all that they’ve given us over the years. We came across the following poem from Terri St. Cloud and it says it better, perhaps, than we could:

honoring you

honoring you

We do our best, every day, to do just that. Embrace those you love, today and every day. Let them know how important they are to you!!

With love and hugs,
Grandy and Grandalf

Hidden (photo by Marcia)

P.S. We live in a society where people are fearful of death, and (unfortunately) where the last act for most people is toxic to the planet on which they lived their entire lives. There’s an interesting TED talk on the subject, here: When I die, recompose me

3 Replies to “Happy Father’s Day!!”

  1. sumyanna

    What a beautiful statement to make. Really love that – and have always believed that. I recently posted an image of a flower past its prime and it bothered someone because they could see no beauty in its death. I find that viewpoint to take away all the beauty it brought forth during life, to not celebrate it afterward. After all, the flowers that bloom in each successive generation are a celebration of the original.

  2. sumyanna

    Sorry to hear about your loss as well. It is never easy, but there are so many ways you can honor their memory. In truth, it would be the one thing they would have hoped for, I think.


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