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Hoppy Easter Hugs!!

Hi Folks:

Hoppy Easter Hugs, 2017

Hoppy Easter Hugs, 2017

Saturday of this past weekend was the second chance we had to go out hugging this year, and the weather was perfect – both for those out and about enjoying the day and for us! We were out for about 2½ hours and hugged people from an additional 5 countries! So far this year we’ve met hugging ambassadors from 15 countries – 56 countries in total over the 8 eight years we’ve been doing this. In addition to the hugs we continue to appreciate the smiles, the waves, bicycle bells, car beeps… even the neighs of the carriage horses! And this past Saturday another first, as one man came running forward, arms wide, and jumped up into Mike’s embrace, allowing himself to be spun around and around!! We do so love our hugging sessions.

As the weather turns warmer we’re looking forward to more hugging sessions. If you’re in the area around the Homecoming Memorial at Ship Point, please do stop by!


P.S. This is our eighth year of hugging Victorians and others, and for us the greatest testament of the passage of that time is the pine tree in front of which we stand. Compare the image above to this one – our oldest image, from July 2011. 🙂 (different posters, same hat)

Free Hugs, July 2011

Free Hugs, July 2011

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