Twinkles Takes Victoria… Again!!

Hi Folks:

This is Twinkles. Look deep into his eyes and you’ll see…


We first met Twinkles nearly twenty years ago; he was living in a big grocery store at the time. We couldn’t afford to buy him, but since he loved waving to people, every time we went there to go shopping we’d pick him up and carry him around the store so he could do just that. After Christmas the store put him on sale, and we brought him home.

Twinkles still loves to wave to people, and since there are a lot of people this time of year who are stressed out for one reason or another, Twinkles likes to wander downtown, share a smile and a wave and let people know it’s all going to be okay.

This year has a been a challenge for a lot of people, so this year Twinkles enlisted the help of Mrs. Claus and his good friend Krinkles too.

Mrs. Claus, Krinkles and Twinkles at the Royal BC Museum

Together we visited the Gingerbread Showcase at the Inn at Laurel Point,

Taking a break at the Inn at Laurel Point

the Bear Wear display at the Hotel Grand Pacific,

Krinkles, Snow-Tweet Bear, and friends

wandered through the Royal BC Museum and over to Humboldt House, then went on to the Festival of Trees at the Fairmont Empress and the Bay Centre.

Twinkles and Friends at the Festival of Trees

Of course, we had to end the day with some (very good) single-origin hot chocolate at Chocolat Chocolatiere de Victoria

Mrs. Claus, Krinkles and Twinkles at Chocolat

Twinkles does love his hot chocolate, but he’s not adverse to a tea

Twinkles at Serious Coffee

or a cookie, either.

Twinkles at Starbucks

Admittedly, some people find it unusual to see a 3-ft reindeer wandering around Victoria, but Twinkles doesn’t mind. He has a smile and a wave for everyone. Besides, you should meet his friend Iorek some time…

Twinkles and Iorek Byrnison at Centennial Square

At the end of the day Twinkles sometimes finds his arms are a little tired from the waving, but his smile never fades and he never loses the twinkle in his eye…

Who was that masked reindeer? I wanted to thank him…

Remember to share a hug today with someone you love. Or a stranger. Or, preferably, both!

Mr. and Mrs. C.

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