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Bears on the Go in Sidney...


Inspector C. Robin here: Teddy Bear Squad.

Teddy Bear Squad

The day started out like any other; a couple of gummi sugar highs but nothing out of the ordinary – given the season and all. But then we got a call about a possible TBP (Teddy Bear Party) in progress and we knew we were going to have to go and check it out. Left to their own devices these things can get quite rambunctious and if so we wanted to, well, join in!!

When we arrived at the scene our suspicions were immediately confirmed. There were bears everywhere and they were having a rocking good time. There were bears playing hide and seek behind the artifacts, bears hanging out on the displays and bears delighting children (and some adults) everywhere we looked. We quickly identified ourselves, flashed the badge (and paid our donation) and went right in. We’ll let you examine the rest of the evidence for yourselves…

Bears on the Go is on at the Sidney Museum and Archives until December 31.


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