Photo of the Month – August

Hi Folks:

One of the benefits of living where we do is that we’re frequent visitors to Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park. In addition to the many trees from all over the world, shrubs, perennials, ferns, etc. the park staff plant several thousand flowers every year. And we haven’t mentioned the wildlife, from dragonflies to black-tailed deer. It’s a wonderful place to visit, and the changes through the seasons are something to behold.

As usual we have two images for our photo of the month post, one from Marcia and one from Mike. Both were made with our cell phone cameras, and both were pushed around a bit in Lightroom.

The Red Bridge
Marcia’s choice was the image above, of the red bridge spanning the little creek that flows between the ponds. The creek has been the subject of a number of our images, and this bridge sets off the greens and yellows of the surrounding vegetation perfectly. This image was processed using the Orton effect, something we wrote about in a previous blog post. It adds a lovely painterly quality to the image.

Afternoon GlowMike happened to be wandering by Little Lake at just the right time, as the sun was streaking through the branches of this black willow tree. The light filtering through the yellow of the leaves imparted a beautiful glow to the whole scene.

Okay, that’s it! Now go out and make some photographs!!


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