Photo of the Month – June

Hi Folks:

Choosing our photos of the month for June was, well, a Mammoth undertaking!! This was mostly because the mammoth exhibit from the Field Museum in Chicago is currently on loan to the Royal BC Museum here in Victoria. As museum members, we were among the first to get to see the exhibit when it opened.

I'm So Excited to See You!

I’m So Excited to See You!

Marcia’s favourite image of the day was of this Columbia mammoth. Yes, it’s definitely larger than life! Our old friend Joyce always claimed she was going to be reincarnated as a mammoth, so it was a playful thought to consider that she was excited by our arrival… 🙂

Hello, Old Friend

Hello, Old Friend

One of the displays holds a skull and tusks in a case. Modern day elephants are known to stop and remember members of their herd when encountering lost relatives, and seeing this ancestor preserved like this reminded us of that.

Okay, that’s it for now. The Mammoth Exhibit is on at the Royal BC Museum until the end of this year. If you live in Victoria or you’re coming to visit, put this on your ‘must do’ list!


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