Photo of the Month – April

Hi Folks:

Continuing a recent trend, since both of us are photographers our ‘Photo of the Month‘ post contains two images, one from each of us.

First up is Marcia’s image, and before we go any further it should be mentioned that both of us are affected by apophenia – specifically pareidolia. Don’t worry, it’s not inherently contagious. Besides, we prefer to think that it’s not so much seeing order in chaos as being able to see what’s really there… 🙂 This image was made in Mill Hill Regional Park:

Your Adoring Gaze

Your Adoring Gaze

This image is of someone we encountered down on the shore near where we live. It’s Mike’s favourite dragon image (so far):

Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons

Okay, that’s it. Now go out and make some photographs!


P.S. One more, a collaborative effort. The original image was made by Marcia, and Mike pushed it around a bit in CorelDraw and Lightroom.



4 Replies to “Photo of the Month – April”

  1. johnnywordpress

    Hi Mike and Marcia

    Had to look up apophenia and pareidolia, thanks for that. I really enjoy looking up new words. BTW apophenia didn't come up but the other word did and I get the picture, so to speak. (;)

    These pictures are really good… artistically and all that, of course, but also technically; sharp and crisp and great framing of the subject. What is the light brown, toffee looking stuff in Marcia's photo? Old bark or something?

  2. worzelodd

    Were just recently admiring the fairy's brushstrokes on similar flower petals. When you really look deep at creation there is that whimsy, an odd duality is nature.


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