Christmas Twinkles

Hi Folks:

This is Twinkles.


Twinkles came to our house from a grocery store nearly twenty years ago; we couldn’t afford him but he loved to wave to people so every time we went shopping there he’d accompany us around the store and spread a little cheer. It’s his open heart, sparkly eyes and winning smile. After Christmas the store put him on sale and Twinkles came home, but he’s never lost the desire to make new friends… So, on December 24th we head downtown and Twinkles smiles, waves and gives out hugs where needed. It can be a challenge keeping his nose prints off chocolate store windows, but we do go in and out of other stores and the mall. Twinkles is definitely non-partisan when it comes to raising spirits.

He gets a lot of smiles in return, and a number of waves back. Some people look away, and some people look at us like they’ve never before seen a 6′ human in a long red cloak and a 3′ waving reindeer. I know, I know… we don’t understand it either, but there you go. It doesn’t matter; Twinkles’ love is boundless and he gives it away in great splotches. It’s just who he is.

So, if you’re feeling a little stressed this holiday season, keep an eye out for Twinkles and be sure to wave back. It really makes his day.


Twinkles Having Tea

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