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It’s already the beginning of November and we’ve yet to do a ‘Photo of the Month‘ post for July, August, September or October! Yikes!! The challenge of many bloggers… life gets in the way. To that end we thought we’d combine them all into one post with one image for each month. Two of these images were made by Marcia and two by Mike, all of them were made with our Galaxy S4 cell phones, and all of them have been pushed around to varying degrees in Lightroom.

Off we go!!

The first image was made during our trip to Portland, OR – specifically the Portland Japanese Garden. We wrote a bit about this in our Eating Our Way Through… Portland! blog post. This is actually an amalgamation of 10 images of a Japanese maple, each image made handheld at different exposures and then mashed together. It’s too messy to have the aesthetic of a traditional Japanese art piece and it’s too saturated to make a good watercolour, but it does have a certain impressionistic quality to it.

Japanese Maple
The second image was made here in Victoria. We have a neighbouring family who delight in creating chalk drawings on the sidewalk near their house, and we delight in seeing them when we pass by. In true Mary Poppins style the rain washes them away from time to time, but when the next opportunity arises there will be something new! This is obviously a butterfly visiting a flower… 🙂

Chalk Art

The third image was made at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Vancouver, looking over the Georgia Strait. We were waiting for the ferry back to Victoria and the waves were a little high. Sometimes the ride can get a bit bumpy. But then the sun broke through and we knew everything was going to be fine.

Grumpy Skies

And finally, we recently met a new neighbour – a very playful sea dragon who likes to hang out just down the beach from us. Like all dragons this one loves to play fetch. The only challenge is that the stick is too heavy for the two of us to lift! If you’d like to join in the fun we could use the assistance in getting that log out into the water; just watch out for that tail once it starts wagging.

Sea Dragon

Okay, that’s it! Now go out and make some photographs!


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  1. Mike Laplante

    Hi Mike, Marcia…
    Just checked in with the Meetup group after many months and that led me to here. We might have crossed paths in Portland! My wife Leona and I did a two-week tour of Oregon, including the little known (even to Oregonians) Alvord desert. If you're interested I posted photos of our Oregon excursion — including some of Portland — to my own travel/photography blog.
    The Oregon specific photos are at:

    Mike Laplante


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