Hugging hitchBOT

Hi Folks:

Last Thursday was our ninth hugging session this year. So far this year we’ve hugged people from 41 countries (that we know about): Australia, Austria, Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, the US, Venezuela, Vietnam and Wales – and we always welcome more!

Free Hugs

Hugging Victoria!

Thursday was special in another way, however, because after our hugging session we headed over to Open Space to meet hitchBOT!

Hugging hitchBOT

Hugging hitchBOT

For those who haven’t heard, hitchBOT is the creation of a team from southern Ontario who dared to ask the question, “Can robots trust people?” Sibling to kulturBOT and created from pool noodles, a beer barrel body with a caketainer head, powered by an Android tablet and connected to GPS and a cellular network, hitchBOT was left beside the road in Halifax with the ambitious goal of hitchhiking to Victoria. The journey took three weeks and has touched thousands of lives, both directly and through social media. hitchBOT is almost entirely dependent on those s/he meets to provide electrical power and movement. On the journey hitchBOT went camping, attended a Native pow wow and was a guest at a wedding. hitchBOT has been in cars, trucks, RVs, a canoe and more, had tea on the front lawn of the Empress Hotel and has become the darling of the media around the world. Invitations for visits have come from places as divergent as California, Europe, China and the Philippines.

Hmmm… maybe hitchBOT could use a traveling companion. hugBOT? Why not? 🙂


Click the image to watch a short hitchBOT video

Bon voyage, hitchBOT! Whenever you’re in town you’ll be welcome, and we’ll be happy to get you your own ‘FREE HUGS’ poster!!


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  1. Sheila tranfield

    How wonderful you met hitchbot! She restored a lot of my faith in the joy of serendipitous travel, great, timeless photos.


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