The Photographer’s Assistant

Hi Folks:

In all of my years of making images I’ve never done a lot of shooting with other people, and I’ve never had an assistant.  However, at the end of July a friend and I went out to make some photographs together and I found out how handy having an assistant can be.  All of a sudden I had someone who could…

Photographer's Assistant

Photographer’s assistant, at the ready

Checking Composition

Double check the composition

Ensure Level

Ensure that the tripod is level and stable

Press Shutter

Press the shutter

I wonder what the day rates are?

Now go out and make some photographs!


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    1. wolfnowl Post author

      No reason. A very long time ago we had a colony of white-faced wasps building a huge nest in an apple tree in our yard. They\’re amazing in how they take wood pulp, mix it with their saliva and make paper that they use to construct their nests. So, we stood there about 3 ft/ 1m away from the nest for a long time, watching these wasps flying in and out past us and constructing their nest. Bees and wasps only sting in self-defense or if they or their colony feel threatened. This one had no reason to fear me. I once had to ask a colony of ground hornets to move their nest as there were a couple of kids sharing the same back yard, but that\’s another story… 😉



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